2019 Scholarship Opportunity for Renewable Transportation Options in Vail Colorado

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Blue Sky Limo is very happy to announce the launch of our 2019 Scholarship being made available to 1 student who provides valuable insight into renewable transportation options for the Vail Valley. Our scholarship initiative has already been mentioned on many prominent education centers throughout the country, and we are delighted at how much interest it has generated.

We are looking for candidates who will provide research and original ideas into transportation options between Denver and Vail and the rest of the Rocky Mountains. With demographic and climate change challenges upon us, it is vital that we as a society and community prepare for the future, and asses the various means of transportation options that will be available to us now and into the future.

The scholarship program is set up to allow bright minds that need some financial assistance to reach their educational goals. We hope the funding will allow them to enter their chosen vocation and field of study, and we further hope that they chose to pursue renewable energy and transportation; however this is entirely up to the candidates.

In order to be considered for the scholarship, the applicants must submit a 5000 word essay about the means of renewable transportation going into the future between the city of Denver and locations in the Rocky mountains such as Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, etc. The applicants should discuss in detail the logistics of such a service. How cars or other modes of transportation would get passengers from Vail to Denver and vice versa.

We are especially interested in knowing what concerns fuel consumption and increased traffic conditions will create in such journeys and how such issues might be resolved either through considerations of route selection or by new or experimental technologies not yet deployed.

Further consideration should be given to travel to and from Denver International Airport, and how limousine and private airport transfer companies such as Blue Sky Limo will be able to adapt to future challenges, and what steps they should take now.

This company will carefully evaluate each applicants submission on a wide variety of criteria, chief amongst which shall be originality of concept, and practicality of implementation. Further credit will be given to proper use of language and grammar.

Applications may be submitted until the middle of March to:

[email protected]

Further information about the scholarship program can be found with our sponsors: