Covid-19 Safety Protocol Update

covid 19 safety update

Blue Sky Limo is Open & Fully Operational!

During these unpredictable times, our primary concern here at Blue SkyLimo  LLC is to ensure the health and safety of clients and our staff.

We are committed to offering the safest possible environment to all our customers. We fully understand the new demands placed on the travel industry and have made a commitment to making your time with us protected and secure. The following safety protocols are effective immediately:

We sincerely hope that by sharing this safety protocol information and keeping everyone well informed, we can help you navigate the current situation, and provide peace of mind for your next journey with us.

Blue Sky Limo Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transportation Health and Safety Measures:

  • Enhanced cleaning procedures for all vehicles. The vehicles are cleaned with EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant after each trip including the seats, door handles (in/out), armrest, headrest, seat belts and child car seats.
  • Our chauffeurs are instructed to disinfect commonly used surfaces and ALL passenger touchpoints after every trip. 
  • We have increased ventilation by opening windows and regularly replacing air filters, keeping fans set to ON and re-circulation OFF, to maintain fresh airflow.
  • Face masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are always available for passengers.
  • Chauffeurs are required to ask before assisting passengers with luggage or personal items.
  • We require our chauffeurs to wash / disinfect their hands immediately upon picking up and after dropping of passengers.
  • We are instructing our chauffeurs to stay home if they show any symptoms whatsoever.
  • All drivers and passengers are always required to wear a covering over their nose and mouth during the trip. Please note, that we have the right to refuse service to anyone without a face covering.
  • As per guidance by the State of Colorado via Executive Order D 2020-190 children over the age of 11 are required to wear face covers while in a place of business. Masks for children under the age of 11 are completely discretionary as to the wishes of their parents.
  • Chauffeurs are required not to initiate a handshake and to avoid personal contact with passengers.
  • We have removed all printed materials from the seat-back pockets and have stopped offering candy or beverages that are not individually packaged or sealed.
  • We are eliminating all physical material sharing between passengers and drivers as much as possible.

The health and safety of our passengers and drivers are our highest priority during this difficult time. Safety procedures implemented at Blue Sky Limo will be adjusted as per government requirements and guidance with passenger wellbeing and safety always being our number one goal.

For more information regarding any of these policy changes or if you have any questions in general about our safety procedures, please feel free to contact our support staff on:

tel: (970) 376-7849
email: [email protected]

Thank you for your patience and understanding.