What’s New in 2022 for Eagle County Airport?

The 2022 season is well upon us. The snow has been coming down hard, and there have been plenty of amazing powder days, with many more to come (hopefully). As we get going on this new year, we thought we would give a rundown on all the latest for Eagle County Airport.

Eagle County Airport Limo Office

Eagle Airport Transportation by Blue Sky Limo in Eagle

Blue Sky Limo launched our newest office expansion project into Eagle Regional Airport in 2021, and we are looking to further grow our routes available form this airport, as well as allocate more drivers and cars for Eagle. Eagle Airport is continuing to grow in popularity each year, and we are proud to be able to be part of that local growth. Our new office location is based at:

Blue Sky Limo | Eagle Airport
100 Oak Ridge Ct, #3712
General Delivery
Gypsum, CO 81637

Eagle Airport Transportation Hub

Our Eagle Airport transportation hub will be able to service customers looking to travel from Eagle Regional to every major Rocky Mountain resort destination. Having a dedicated staff specifically for Eagle County will allow more flexibility and more availability for all our customers flying into Eagle, even during the busiest holidays. We still recommend making transportation arrangements for Vail Airport well in advance in order to avoid any issues.

Eagle Airport Transportation

Transportation to and from Eagle County Airport has never been easier than now, with out new dedicated office. In seasons past, our customers have reported that making travel arrangements to and from Eagle regional was slightly problematic, and they always felt like most providers were more focused on doing the DIA/Denver routes. With Blue Sky Limo | Eagle Airport Car Service, this issue, becomes a problem of the past. We have plenty of vehicles dedicated to Eagle transportation and Eagle transportation only.

Eagle Airport to Vail Car Service

Eagle Airport to Vail - Blue Sky Limo

With the operation of our Eagle Airport location, traveling from Eagle Airport to Vail has never been easier! EGE is only 35 mins away from Vail and flying into Eagle is by far the quickest and most convenient way to access the Colorado Rocky Mountains. There are no issues with going over the Vail pass, or driving through the Eisenhower Tunnel. both of which are prone to being closed due to bad winter weather.

Going from Eagle to Vail is now as simple as booking a private car and letting your driver take you the short distance from EGE to Vail so that you and your party can get on with enjoying your Vail vacation and not be worried about driving through the snow, finding parking, or dealing with long delays. The Eagle Airport to Vail route is one of our most popular service offerings and for very good reason: it’s fast, convenient and affordable!

Eagle Airport to Aspen Car Service

Eagle Airport to Aspen - Blue Sky Limo

While there is another airport closer to Aspen than Eagle Regional, Aspen/Pitken Airport (ASE) is heavily prone to closures during the winter months. It has very few connecting flights or cities flying directly to it. For this reason, many people choose to fly into Eagle Regional Airport intead, and then hire a private car service such as Blue Sky Limo to take them from Eagle County Airport to Aspen, CO.

From Eagle to Aspen is about a 1 hour and 30 min drive, which is still much closer than traveling from DIA to Aspen which might take more than 4 hours each way! It’s much quicker and much more convenient to simply fly into Eagle Regional and have a car service take you to Aspen. Parking in Aspen is also very challenging and expensive, and for this reason many people prefer to use a chauffeured service rather than a car rental. This way you can actually enjoy your vacation in Aspen, rather than worrying about driving and parking.

Eagle Airport to Breckenridge Car Service

Eagle Airport to Breckenridge

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the most popular skiing resorts in the Rocky Mountains. It’s about a 2 hour drive away from DIA or just a 60 minute drive away from Eagle Regional Airport. As flights become more frequent and EGE, and more carriers are offering more flights from an ever growing list of connecting cities, more visitors are choosing to fly into Eagle for the start of their trip to Breckenridge.

Like any of the ski towns in the Rockies, navigating the cold icy roads in the winter is a difficult task even for the most experienced of drivers. For this reason, a private shuttle service from the airport to Breckenridge is highly advisable. If you’re planning on going to Breckenridge from Eagle this winter, consider calling Blue sky Limo to arrange your Eagle to Breck transportation.

Eagle to Beaver Creek Private Car Service

Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek with Blue Sky Limo

What’s the best way to get to Beaver Creek from Eagle County Airport? Why, with a private car service of course! Traveling from Eagle Regional Airport to Beaver Creek only takes about 35 minutes. Beaver Creek is not a particularly car friendly town and it’s almost impossible to park here…. also you can walk to just about any place you might possibly want to get to while staying in Beaver Creek.

Blue Sky Limo offers non-stop private car service from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek in our luxury top-of-the-range SUVs. We provide plenty of personal room and cargo storage for all sporting equipment, making this the easiest and most convenient way to travel from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Eagle Airport Shuttle

Private Eagle Airport Shuttle Service

Our Eagle Airport Shuttle is a private car with a professional driver that will assist you in your journey to and from Eagle County Airport. There are other shared shuttle providers working out of Eagle Airport, but Blue Sky Limo provides a one-of-a-kind exclusive airport shuttle service that will leave you felling relaxed and rested after your long flight.

We pride ourselves on offering the greatest in convenience for our clients. An airport shuttle service should be all about making its passengers comfortable and providing a safe and enjoyable experience. Blue Sky Limo offers the finest Eagle Airport shuttle service in town.

What’s Happening Beyond 2022 for Eagle County Airport?

We believe that Eagle County Airport will continue to grow well beyond 2022. The county is investing considerable resources into making the airport more attractive for both businesses and travelers. Expect to see more flight offerings from major carriers, more connecting cities, and more flights in general. Blue Sky Limo in Eagle will continue to grow our presence at Eagle Regional Airport by providing more dedicated staff and vehicles to service the airport and all arriving guests looking for transportation options to and from Eagle Airport.

Vail County Regional Airport Office