Famous Town Activities of Breckenridge

A vacation trip to the mountains is always a yes. Getting away from the city life can be the best remedy for the mind, body, and soul. Among hilly areas, Breckenridge is the top pick. “Breck” as the locals like to call it, is Colorado’s beloved local mountain town. While Breck is famous for its skiing activities, there are tons of other things to explore in Breckenridge and its surrounding areas. Whether it is a winter ski trip or summertime escape, this otherworldly mountain town is surely worth a visit.

Here’s a list of some totally unique and absolutely wonderful activities you could be participating in on your next trip to Breckenridge Colorado. Getting to Breckenridge is easy with our private Breckenridge airport car service transportation.

The Breckenridge Snow Sculpture Championship

Famous Town Activities of Breckenridge

At January’s end, folks from around the globe come together to compete at creating snow sculptures. The snow sculptures are a pure work of art and can take up to hours to finish. If you would like a glance at these incredible works of art, check your schedule and ensure that your trip syncs with the snow sculpture competition dates. This is a must-see tournament in the winter and is one of the top things to do in Breckenridge during the winter. The snow sculptures are in the area around the Riverwalk Center at 150 West Adams Avenue.

Oxygen Bar

Oxygen bar Breckenridge

Breckenridge is at a very high altitude, with a base elevation of 9,600 feet and tourists are bound to undergo some type of altitude sickness. Thus comes The O2 Lounge or the Oxygen Bar. You enter, pull up a barstool, and inhale the crisp oxygen. The O2 Lounge offers 15, 30, and 45-minute rounds of air with over 90 percent oxygen. This oxygen air is pumped to stations around the Lounge where visitors can sit and breathe in comfort.

We recommend that you visit the Lounge a day or two after you arrive in town to help maintain your blood oxygen levels at a higher level and avoid substantial effects of the altitude that would otherwise ruin your time.

Famous Breck Troll

Famous Town Activities of Breckenridge

Any time of year, keep your eyes peeled for the famous Breck Troll. It is the creation of a Danish artist Thomas Dambo who, from upcycled materials, made this 15-foot tall sculpture that is called Isak Heartstone. It is installed along the Trollstigen Trail. Unlike the typical trolls, Isak is very friendly and approachable in his birthplace out in nature. People adore this troll and love to snap pictures with him. When you decide to go for a hike, make sure you look out for Isak. He is among the top and signature tourist attractions of Breckenridge.

Ride the Gondola

The town’s very famous gondola, the Breck-Connect, is available to ride up and down all day long. You will require a lift ticket if you wish to hit the slopes, but the gondola halts at one of the mountain peaks and offers several places to eat with heart-stopping views of this lush mountain town. In the summertime, you can also bring your leashed pets on the gondola, as there are plenty of hiking trails set around the resort. The gondola takes bikes up as well for a minor expense during the summer months.

Race of Santas

Race of Santas Breckenridge

The first weekend of December commemorates the transformation of Breckenridge into a magical and charming holiday wonderland. The whole town is set up with the most stunning lights. You will get an opportunity to meet Santa. You can also partake in a snowman-building contest, race in the Race of the Santas, and end your evening with the famous Lighting of Breckenridge. This whole experience is aimed at a family-friendly time where people of all ages can enjoy. You can also bring your pets and have them participate in the holiday dog parade.


You will want to tour one of the two Nordic Centers in Breckenridge where you will discover several different trail choices. There are trails for individuals, from beginner to advanced. You can rent atlas or snowshoes, and they even have some available for buying. Prices will differ according to your style and size. You can also receive a guided tour. There are numerous different trails to explore; they interconnect at specific points and have some spots along the way that give incredible photo opportunities. Grab your camera for this one, as there is a world of gorgeous terrain to seek.


Breckenridge is the perfect escape from the rush of a strenuous life. Pause your grueling routine and go have a journey. This resort town is excellent for those striving to succumb themselves to the magnificence of nature and explore. Brecks has it all, and Blue Sky Limo is your ideal companion for an amazing airport shuttle service.