If you plan to travel to Aspen from Eagle airport, then you should know about all the commuting options that are available; this will make your journey much more enjoyable and worry free. In this guide, we have presented some of the options you can consider for your journey.

Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado

Flying Into Aspen

It is possible to fly into Aspen airport but consider the fact that 1. Those flights are very expensive. 2. Those flights are not very frequent. 3. And finally, the most important factor to consider is that especially if you are flying during the Winter months when weather conditions can be super hazardous, many times airplanes are redirected to Eagle airport anyway, so you might as well prepare for the trip from Eagle to Aspen anyway.

Total Distance

The drive from Eagle Airport to Aspen is 68.5 miles and takes you Westbound on I70 and then Southbound once you pass the town of Glenwood Springs. It’s a pretty drive, and most people enjoy the views, although after a long flight getting into Eagle, the last thing on your mind might be wanting to drive and worrying about renting a car.

Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado

Total Drive Time

The total time of your trip from Eagle Airport to Aspen depends on the mode of transportation you choose for yourself. If you are traveling by a car, then it will take you approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes to get to Aspen; this estimated time is applicable if you drive without stopping anywhere. Whereas, if you are travelling by a shuttlebus, then you should really allow approximately  2 hours and 45 minutes to reach Aspen from Eagle regional airport.

Sights in Aspen

Aspen is home to some of the most breathtaking sights. This mountainous town, which is famous for its skiing, offers various other outdoor activities for you to explore. From snow-covered mountains to cultural institutions, hiking trails to cozy restaurants; it has all types of attractions to entertain travelers with. Here are a few highlights worth considering on your next trip to Aspen from Eagle.

Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado

·        Maroon Bells

If you are travelling to Aspen from Eagle, then you would not want to miss the chance to see one of the most photographed mountains in the world. Maroon Bells are two peaks of the majestic Elk Mountains. Their image is reflected in the pristine water of the Maroon Lake and presents an eye-catching sight. You can capture this scenic view in person, which you must have seen only in postcards before.

You can reach Maroon Bells by a car or any shuttle service as it is only 12 kilometres away from Aspen. You can reach these snow-covered peaks during the winter by using skis or a snowmobile. The view from the peak is a heavenly sight to see.

Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado

·        Silver Queen Gondola

Riding the Silver Queen Gondola is a must for all those thrill-seekers out there who want to enjoy things from a height and want to have a picture-perfect view. It provides you with a comfortable ride from Aspen to the 11,000 ft. tall serene summit of the Ajax Mountain. During your 14 minutes ride, you will see snow-covered mountains, the bustling city, and beautiful layers of trees spread across various slopes; this will certainly be an overwhelming experience.

Once you get there, you will have access to a variety of activities: you can play golf at one of the highest golf courses of the world, join a yoga squad, or just go hiking or biking on the thrilling trails.

·  Roaring Fork Valley

Wake up the adventurer within you and explore the different trails in this picturesque valley. The Roaring Fork Valley has multiple hiking trails that you can explore according to your ease. If you just want to have a gentle stroll in the enchanting beauty of the valley, then take up the Rio Grande Trail or the 1.5-mile Smuggler Mountain Trail, which offers you a panoramic look of the town.

If you love challenges and have a spark to explore rough and tough roads, then you can go hiking on the 8.5-mile trek that leads to Conundrum Hot Springs. You will observe colorful windflowers surrounding you in various trails.

·        Aspen Art Museum

Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado

For all the art-lovers out there who would love to remain in touch with art even during their vacations, this museum is for you. The Aspen Art Museum does not collect pieces of art, rather it tries to establish connection between the artists and the community. The museum keeps a track of developments in art in the contemporary world.

It hosts thought-provoking conversations about art. The museum recognizes and celebrates all unrecognized artists. Moreover, it provides a chance for people to visualize and witness art with open eyes.

·        Wheeler Opera House

This Wheeler Opera House has seen its highs and lows since its opening in 1889. It provides an exclusive insight into the culture of Aspen. The Opera House features a proscenium stage, Moroccan leather seats, and a blue ceiling with white stars.

The Aspen community got to know all about the traveling Shakespeare troupes, concerts, burlesques shows, various lectures, vaudeville, minstrel shows, and the occasional boxing match through this very theater. It still serves as the prime performance center of the community.

How to Get There?

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Getting from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado


Aspen offers much to its visitors. There is lots to do and see in this wonderful mountain community. Getting to Aspen can be challenging if you do not know who to call.

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