Ground Transportation Options for Eagle Airport

Eagle County Airport offers several ground transportation options, including shared shuttle vans, taxi services, private SUVs, and car rentals. Several factors should be considered when arranging transportation to and from Eagle Airport. The most important are budget, number of travelers, and time of year.

Eagle Airport Ground Transportation Options
Eagle Airport (EGE) Transportation Service

Ground Transportation Options at Eagle County Airport (EGE)

If you are flying into Eagle County Regional, you must arrange for ground transfer to and from the airport. It is important to arrange your means of Eagle/Vail Airport transportation well in advance, especially during the very busy winter season, as many services (such as the EGE to Beaver Creek route) sell out fast, and the last thing you want is to be stranded at the airport in the middle of a blizzard.

Private SUV

Private Car Service SUV Eagle County Airport
Private Car Service SUV from Eagle County Airport

A private Eagle Airport SUV car service with a chauffeured car allows the greatest flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind of all the options available at EGE. With a confirmed reservation, you will know that there will be a driver to meet you as you disembark your flight. Typically, these companies use large, high-end SUVs with 4WD, the preferred means of transfer through the Rockies, especially during the winter when weather conditions might become dangerous very quickly.

These door-to-door shuttles allow 6-7 people to sit safely and comfortably together, and there is ample room for luggage and cargo. Rooftop ski boxes allow for the transfer of all sporting equipment. Usually, these vehicles also provide high-speed WiFi access and in-seat entertainment systems, making a very comfortable and stress-free journey from Eagle Airport to Vail or to any other Eagle County or Summit County destination you plan on visiting.

From Eagle to Aspen is about a one-hour and 30-minute drive, much closer than traveling from DIA to Aspen, which might take more than four hours each way! It’s much quicker and more convenient to fly into Eagle Regional, and a car service will take you to Aspen. Parking in Aspen is also very challenging and expensive, so many people prefer to use a chauffeured service rather than a car rental. This way, you can enjoy your vacation in Aspen rather than worry about driving and parking.

Breckenridge, Colorado, is one of the most popular skiing resorts in the Rocky Mountains. It’s about a 2-hour drive from DIA or just a 60-minute drive from Eagle Regional Airport. As flights become more frequent and EGE, and more carriers offer more flights from an ever-growing list of connecting cities, more visitors choose to fly into Eagle for the start of their trip to Breckenridge.

Like any ski town in the Rockies, navigating the cold, icy roads in the winter is difficult even for the most experienced drivers. For this reason, a private shuttle service from the airport to Breckenridge is highly advisable. If you plan on going to Breckenridge from Eagle this winter, consider calling Blue Sky Limo to arrange your Eagle to Breck transportation.

The added benefit of this airport transfer option is that your driver is a licensed professional with local knowledge of roads and terrain. This person’s job and only concern is your safety and convenience, so he or she can make detours and provide assistance as needed.

If you are traveling with a large group from Eagle Airport (such as for a business conference, wedding, family reunion, or other large event), Blue Sky Limo provides group shuttle services that can take groups of any size from Eagle Airport to their Rocky Mountain resort destination in comfort and style.

Shared Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators

Shared airport shuttles operate out of Eagle Regional Airport. Their main attraction is a lower fare compared to a private transportation service. However, many limitations need to be considered before taking this route. First, if you are traveling with a group or family greater in size than three people, it might be just as expensive to pay for individual shared shuttle tickets rather than your private car.

The other major limitation is that luggage space is typically very limited per person. You will find yourself crammed into a full van with many strangers, very little in the way of personal room, and be forced to wait for other flights to land and make frequent stops as others disembark. A shared van is nothing similar to an executive van; it’s probably most similar to traveling by bus.

The added travel time, lack of cargo and personal space, and increased stress make a shared van viable only if you travel solo or as a couple and on a tight budget.

Car Rentals at Eagle Airport

There are a couple of major car rental services at EGE. Having a rented car does, of course, provide the most flexibility for your stay in the Rockies. Again, there are some very important considerations to consider before choosing this transportation option from Vail Airport.

First of all, there is the cost. Car rentals in Eagle County will be substantially more expensive than in the rest of the United States. Gas prices in the mountains are also typically 30-50% higher than in the rest of the country. Parking rates (if you can find a spot) are also outrageously expensive. So the real question is: How much driving will you be doing, and is it worth getting a car?

The other major concern is how comfortable you drive through hazardous snow and ice conditions. It takes a certain amount of skill and experience to drive through the roads up in the mountains during winter—it’s not for the faint of heart. Be sure only to rent 4WD vehicles with studded snow tires; otherwise, you might very well find yourself in an unpleasant situation stuck on the side of the highway.

Eagle Airport Taxi Services

Traditional taxi services are available to and from Eagle County Regional Airport. The costs are generally slightly cheaper than private car reservations, but availability during busy seasons is far from ideal. Relying on a cab to be there when you land is probably not the wisest decision.

These operators mostly drive smaller sedans, so transporting luggage and sports equipment from EGE becomes problematic. If you are coming solo or as a couple, a Taxi might be a good choice, but again, taking a gamble on a cab being there when you land is pretty risky.

Uber and Lyft at Eagle Airport

Rideshares have only recently started being allowed for passenger pickups and dropoffs. For many years, they operated “under the table” by putting the destination location as the nearby Costco and adding a message to “meet outside the airport”.

Eagle Airport officials decided that this practice was detrimental to the airport and travelers in general, so now there is a designated spot for rideshares to operate just outside the airport terminal (though it is still a good walking distance away from the other ground transportation hubs)

This might be the cheapest way to travel to and from Eagle Regional, but the major concerns are the reliability of the vehicles and the drivers. Unlike professional transportation services at Eagle Airport, rideshares do not have any licensing or maintenance requirements. Who knows if your driver decides to ski that day instead of picking you up, and who knows when the last time those breaks were checked?

Which transport should you choose at Eagle County Regional Airport?

Of all the ground transit options to and from Eagle, booked private shuttles (like those provided by Blue Sky Limo) offer the most peace of mind, flexibility, comfort, and convenience. This will be your best choice if these things are important to you.

If budget is an issue, then go with a Taxi service. Those companies and drivers are regulated and licensed, and their cars are regularly maintained as per industry standards. A rideshare should be your last choice, only if money is limited. If you’re a student coming into the Rockies for a few days of “shredding the gnar”, go for it!

If you’re planning on commuting frequently to the Rockies, visiting several resorts, checking out the shops in Eagle, or visiting in the summer when the roads are great, renting a car might be your best choice.

Whichever ground transportation option suits you best, please enjoy your stay in the Colorado Rockies!

Eagle County Airport Travel FAQs

What Ground Transportation Options are Available at Eagle Airport?

There are several transportation options to choose from. These include private cars, car rentals, shared vans, taxis, and rideshare operators.

What is the most reliable way to travel from Eagle Regional Airport?

A private vehicle provider such as Blue Sky Limo will be the most reliable and trustworthy transportation from Eagle Regional Airport.

How can I arrange private airport travel from Eagle Airport?

The best way to arrange private airport transportation from Vail is to make an advanced booking with a reputable company, such as Blue Sky Limo, offering private transfers.

What’s the best means of transport to get to Eagle Airport?

Due to heavy regulations regarding rideshares, taxi cabs, and high season demand, the best and most reliable ground transportation option to Vail Regional Airport is a privately booked vehicle.