Missing Colorado

Missing Colorado

Beautiful Colorado

    I just can’t understand how it’s been a year since we went to Colorado. I have so many pictures, not only from that trip but many other trips and experiences, but there’s simply not enough time now. I work full time and am trying to finish with my doctor’s degree in my spare time and working on my reddit project https://www.reddit.com/r/blueskylimo/. I usually want to write something about the pictures I have, so that’s why it just so happens that the posts come more and more rarely. But I will try to do a better job, because I want to show you all, show you all my pictures, share with me all my thoughts and feelings about all these places I go to, and all these different environments I get to be in.

    We came to Colorado at the end of a work week, to go to our friends’ wedding. We had a total of 3 days in Colorado. A full schedule of course, but we managed two small hikes. We picked up our rental car in Denver and then drove north, towards Aspen. The scenery was incredible, when you think you’ve seen everything like that. It was reminiscent of Alaska, but then there were also these rock formations that completely resembled Carbon county in Utah.

    On the way to the wedding destination we decided to go on a short hike. We had found one on the internet that was simply called the No Name trail. It was raining while we were driving there, but in a miraculous way, the rain stopped about the same time as we arrived at that parking lot. Of course, we were alone in wanting to hike in that weather, which didn’t bother us. We put on our rain pants and went.

    We followed the trail and passed the old and new dam. I think it is from here that many get their drinking water, but I may be wrong. Up on the rock wall you could also see an old wooden wagon on wooden tracks, probably from some old mine nearby.

    I love autumn. The fall in Colorado can be over faster than one thinks. If you close your eyes for too long, sometimes it has already passed. I don’t know how long autumn will hold its grip on Colorado, but I do know that we managed to time the color change perfectly. Hiking through the fall is so beautiful, you get to see such a wide color spectrum with the deep red color of berries and some trees and shrubs, and then this color ranges from yellow to dark green, dark green and is breath taking.