Denver to Vail View
View of the Rockies from Denver

Leaving Denver and moving to Vail, Colorado can be a tricky
task. Regardless of all the preparation, moving is always difficult. To help,
we have completed this guide on how to relocate from Denver to Vail easily and

We will tell you everything about Vail and will give you
tips on how to settle in this wonderful new place. If you want to move from
Denver to Vail without facing any significant issues, you should continue
reading this guide till the end.

Vail, Colorado – a Beautiful Mountain Town

So first, if you are wondering, what is Vail? Well, it is a
valley-based town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains that is very famous for
winter sports as well as other mountain activities. You will find people snowboarding,
skiing, and hiking there, during the winters, along with games such as golf and
tennis, as well as, kayaking, hiking, running and other fun outdoor sports during
the warmer months.

Another unique thing about Vail is the fly fishing, which is
one of the main attractions for tourism. People visit this town in large
numbers, looking forward to all the adventures it has to offer. If you are open
to something new and exciting every day, relocating to Vail will be worth the

Beautiful Colorado Scenery
The Beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains

More than 5000 people are permanent residents in Vail while
about another 5000 people are living there as temporary residents. The town is
home to one of the highest rated ski resorts in the world. As mentioned
earlier, Vail offers several winter games, but this does not at all mean that
the city is boring in the summers. You will find several exciting things to do
in the summer season too.

Vail is not just about having fun; the city offers you many
employment opportunities with good wages and benefits. You will find every
essential service there, such as a reliable fire department, police force and a
large free transportation system. You won’t face any problems due to
environmental pollution, as the mountain town air is free from pollution.

Vail is famous for skiing and has several reputable
restaurants. The city offers you a luxurious lifestyle with the best places to
live and shop. The view of the mountains
is breathtaking and beyond amazing. In short, Vail is one of the best places in
the world to live and to visit.

History of Vail, Colorado

Building First Chair Lifts on the Mountain
Building the First Chair Lifts

You cannot move to a new place without knowing its history. It is better to know each and everything about the city’s past before you start living there. Are you not excited to know why the city was given the name Vail? This guide­ will tell you everything you need to know about the town’s history and best Vail transportation options before you move there.

The first tribe to inhabit this area was the Ute Tribe.
During the mid-1800s, the very first Caucasian inhibitors came to this area and
settled here. There was news, at that time, that the Gorge range has deposits
silver and gold, which resulted in the arrival of miners who made the Ute Tribe
leave this land. This made the Ute Tribe set a large area of trees and
vegetation, approximately 1000 acres, on fire. This area is now known as the
Back Bowls, which is the famous deforested area of Vail.

The miners extracted all the minerals from the area and
abandoned it. It then became home to the sheep ranchers. In 1939, construction
work started on Highway 6, which is the same highway that runs from Denver
through the Gore Valley. The project-engineer at that time, Charlie Vail named
this highway Vail Pass. The city is also named after him.

The city became a famous ski resort after the efforts of
three people, Pete Seibert (one of the founding fathers of Vail), Bob Parker
and Bill Brown. These three men started work on the mountain ski resort, which
was completed after the combined efforts of Earl Eaton and Seibert, in 1954.

It was in 1966, when several restaurants, clinics and hotels
opened up in the area, paving way for further development. With the passage of
time, the city became better and better, today Vail is known to have one of the
best ski resorts in the world. Hopefully, this explanation has provided you
with a brief knowledge of the city’s history.

Challenges When Moving

Relocating or moving to a new place can be full of challenges.

Need a Place to Live in Vail

One of the biggest challenges that you will face is to find a good place to live in a new city. Previously, finding a nice and comfortable place to live was quite difficult. You either had to arrange several meetings with the house owners, or real estate agents, before getting yourself a place to live. Thankfully, the internet has changed a lot of things. The Skijob1 website provides lots of jobs that offer employee housing associated with Vail Resorts. Many of the hotels and restaurant as well as some of the clothing retailers also offer some sort of employee housing program. These are a great way to not only get a place to live, but also make some new friends!

Vail Transportation

When arriving in a new town, one is not very aware of the roads and directions. If you own a car that is cool, but if you travel on public transport you will have to research travel routes. Luckily, Vail has an incredible free bus system that can get you around all the main attractions from early morning till late at night. And if you need to travel outside the town limits to neighboring locations, again there is a bus system for that called Eco bus – though this one is paid.

Food Options in Town

La Tour Restaurant
La Tour Restaurant

Another big challenge you might face when you relocate is the food. When you are new in town, you might not know about which restaurants are worth eating at. The food can be expensive as well. Additionally, it is difficult to find the food of your choice, especially if you are still left with some unpacking to finish. This would also leave you with little time or energy to cook. You can solve this problem by downloading apps that either help you order some takeout or provides you with names and locations of restaurants near you. Order Up, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Yelp, TripAdvisor and many other world class apps can be your best friends in this situation.

Packing and Unpacking

Moving from Denver to Vail – The Ultimate Guide
Packing Your Things to Move to Vail from Denver

When shifting to a new place, a lot of packing is in order. You cannot bring your entire house with you, so you have to be very careful with what you put in the boxes. While packing, make sure to pack the things that you think are useful or important to you. Do not overpack stuff, as this will only increase the number of boxes and would only make a mess in your new place. This is immediately followed by unpacking, after delivery, and sorting. Unpacking the boxes is far more difficult than packing them. You have to unbox all the stuff and arrange them in their new places. All this packing and unpacking is going to take you several days.

Finding Domestic Help

You would need someone to help you with house cleaning among other tasks, when you just move into your new house. Finding a person or a house cleaner is itself one of the biggest challenges. Even if you are lucky enough to find one, other problems will follow. You have to negotiate the payment for their services and make sure that they are cleaning your house well. Finally, you have to talk to them politely and treat them well. If not, they may leave and you’ll have to start the process all over again.

Adjusting to the Environment

When shifting to a new city, one faces problems in adjusting
to the new environment. People around you are new, they live differently and
act differently. Trying to fit yourself into all that can be difficult.
Furthermore, new weather and environmental conditions can be a problem too.

These are some of the problems and challenges you will face
when you decide to relocate to a different place. So, once you make a decision
of moving to a new place, be prepared to go through all these challenges.

Things You Should Know Before Moving to Vail

You must do complete research about the city before moving there. If you are moving from Denver to Vail then there are a lot of things you must know about Vail. In this section of the article, we have mustered a few most important things that you should know about Vail and its popularity.

About Vail Valley

The Vail Valley
The Vail Valley

Vail is, no doubt, an extraordinary place. It has one of the most popular alpine resorts in the world, while still maintaining a friendly, small-town culture and feel. There are plenty of recreational activities available in the town. The residents of this town are proud to be part of this beautiful and picturesque location, which also provides good standards of living. These activities are not just confined to skiing in the winter season, but hiking in the summer months is also enjoyable. In Vail, there is always something to do.

Land and Surrounding Areas

There is 1,100 acres of open space, frequently enjoyed by the residents and visitors alike, this comprises around 50% of the property, owned by the town itself. The surrounding areas have a breathtaking national forest, which provides acres of skiable land. Moreover, Vail also boasts the highest botanical garden in the world, 17 miles of recreational paths, and also an outdoor amphitheater, which is named after President Gerald. R. Ford, one of the most famous residents of Vail.

Vail as a Community

Vail has come a long way and has evolved as one of the best
recreational and friendly alpine communities. It now has more than five
thousand permanent residents. Vail is proud to have achieved so much in such
little time and has become a leader in resort community qualities and best
practices, which are now being followed by similar communities. Some of the
achievements of Vail are mentioned below:

  • It has the largest free transit system in the whole country.
  • Vail had the first-ever modern roundabout interchange in the country.
  • There are more open spaces (about 30% of the land) in Vail than in any other resort community in the entire USA.
  • It is also home to Gore Creek, which is one of the eleven Gold Medal Fishing streams.
  • It is the first place to ever host three World Alpine Ski Championships.
  • It is known as a bicycle-friendly community since it has wide recreational paths.
  • This is one of the most connected resorts in USA and boasts advanced outdoor LTE cellular systems

Population, Gender, Ethnicity and Religion

When it comes to the average population of vail valley for
its permanent residents, the median age of people over there is around forty
years. There are more than 88% of people who are over the age of 18, 87% of
people over the age of 21, 21% of people over the age of 62 and 15% population
is over the age of 65.

The majority of the people in vail are Caucasian, making up
more than 96%, while black people are only 1.2%, Asians are 0.7%, Hispanics
make up around 3.5%, and others account for 0.1%. As for the gender breakdown,
males are greater in population than females, making up around 55.6%, while
females make up 44.4% of the total population. The language spoken in vail
valley is predominantly English, accounting for 90%, while others make up 10%.
Christianity makes up for the central faith in this town. Most of the people
are Catholics, at 22%, Lutheran accounts for 2.3%, Methodists are 1%, Church of
Jesus Christ makes up for 1.6%, and the rest are all less than 0.9%.


Vail has a county regional airport where some of the major airlines operate, the airport is just forty minutes away through a shuttle ride from the main town, driving takes about the same time as well. Denver International Airport is about two hours away from Vail by car. Getting from Denver to Vail can also be done with a comfortable ride in a luxury private car service.

Vail is also known to be car-free and is partially
pedestrianized. There is a large free of cost shuttle bus service, operated
inside the town, and they also have hybrid electric buses for getting around.
It is quite convenient, as each bus stop holds a sign, which informs the people
when the next two buses will come. During the peak winter season, the shuttle
service provides free bus service every five minutes and every fifteen minutes
during the off-peak season between the major locations of the town such as Vail
Village, Golden Peak, Lionshead, the business district and more. There is also
a highway interstate 70, which runs east-west from Vail, being the only main
road there.

Buses are usually free, and bus maps and fares are listed
everywhere. However, if you plan on using a car, it is essential you get the
right snow tires, which are expensive but needed in this town. It is
recommended not to drive around in the winter at all, especially with old
tires, which will surely get you into an accident during snowy or icy days.

Employment Opportunities

Apart from all these exciting entertainment and recreational
activities that the residents and visitors can indulge in, Vail as a place is
excellent to live in and to call home. No matter where you are moving from, you
will be well settled in no time, thanks to the hospitality of the local people.
There are plenty of employment opportunities for people, especially during the
ski season. During the winter months or the ski season, the valley hires more
than four thousand people. There are many other full-time job opportunities
available for people and many of the employers also offer housing assistance
programs, parking programs, free transportation along with competitive market
wages, salaries, and benefits.

Vail offers diverse restaurants and shops, luxurious
accommodations, breathtaking views of the mountains and a friendly
neighborhood. Vail is simply one of the most beautiful places to live in.

Housing in Vail

One of the critical concerns for anyone who is relocating
from Denver to Vail is finding suitable accommodation. The town of Vail makes
sure that there are plenty of options available for the year-long residents to
live comfortably. The permanent-residents of Vail make up the majority of the
community and through their efforts, the mountain resorts community of Vail is
sustained. When it comes to homes in Vail, they are seen as infrastructure and
viewed as a part of the community support system, rather than services
delivered by the government, such as roads and bridges.

Employee Housing
Employee Housing

There is a housing department in the government, which is
for recommending, implementing and administering housing development
initiatives, housing policies and infrastructure development. Through this
department, the government intends to increase the supply of houses for the
community and provide better housing opportunities to the region and the
community in general.

Vail Valley, despite being a resort destination community, ensures that the permanent-residents have sound infrastructure and housing facilities available to them year-round. In fact, the housing department is involved in many “lotteries” through which many residents have become owners of some costly properties at excellent rates.

The guidelines, followed by the Vail valley, have also prompted other resort destination communities to follow suit in their housing initiatives. The popular housing policies of the vail valley also includes the “deed restriction” program, which allowed the town’s government to offer the owners of private properties monetary incentive, in order to restrict them from selling their properties to anyone other than those who live and work in the community. This move helps in creating a secondary market for the community members, where the price range and the competition stays within the community despite these properties being in high demand.

Current Housing Market in Vail

The rents have become quite high in Vail Valley over the recent years, because of the housing crunch and shortage of supplies. A lot of people who are living in Vail are sharing bedroom spaces with one another, which has become a popular option. Work is being done towards opening up community spaces for people. One such community space has been recently opened up by Zogo, which is a development company. A former hotel was used for this purpose, now converted into a 54 studio apartment complex, furnished completely with kitchenettes as well. These community spaces are to be leased for the residents of Vail valley, giving them yet another option in housing.

Renting Property in Vail

When you decide to move from Denver to Vail, keep in mind the possibilities of finding the best rental space, or if you have the money, maybe lease out a property. Since it is a resort destination, there are options for short-term rentals as well, for about a thirty-day period. When you move from Denver to Vail, you can initially consider this as a good option while you look for other permanent options around your workplace or school. There are, however, specific requirements set by the town regarding the short-term rentals. It requires the tenant to fill out an application form and also an affidavit, which states that they will acknowledge and comply with the parking, safety, trash and noise regulations. These short-term rental properties have to file periodic returns and have individual sales tax licenses.

Arriving in Vail

Where to Live in Vail for Newcomers

For the new residents in Vail, especially those who have moved from Denver, finding suitable residence may pose a challenge. According to most of the seasonal workers or permanent-residents, finding affordable housing in Vail is quite tricky. Most people end up spending the first few weeks or months living with their friends or family members (if they have any there), while others mostly choose to rent a place on a sharing basis. Some people even comment that the rental prices are almost as expensive as those of New York City. The best place to start with is through word of mouth or through real estate agents who can hook you up with something affordable.

Services Available in Vail

Moving from Denver to Vail – The Ultimate Guide
Picture of Vail Village

While many people would love the thought of moving to a picturesque location from a gloomy city, others would miss the hustle-bustle of city life. One of the best things about living in a small town is that there is a lot of community support which brings the town together. Yet another great reason to move from Denver to Vail is the free service. These services mentioned below are free for their community members all year round.

Neighborhood and Community

  • Free Community Wi-Fi.
  • Free Bus services from East to West Vail.
  • Priority in the housing lotteries.
  • Vail Public Library with internet access and computers for use.
  • Art displays, concerts and author visits.
  • Exciting fun community activity programs for all ages.
  • Use of library community room, (Vail residents only.)
  • Sports & Activities: Vail Recreation District provides discounts on certain activities such as sports, adult leagues, youth camps, and various other programs.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Collection of used car oil at Public Works Shops.
  • Community Recycling Center Waste audit consulting/recycling education/training.
  • Nature & creek-friendly landscaping consultation.
  • Lunch & Learn stream ecology classes.
  • Building permit for conversion of a wood fireplace to gas.
  • Noxious weed assessments & on-site evaluations.
  • Provides training as well as coaching for Vail businesses.

Public Safety

  • Property Assessment for wildfire and hazard evaluation.
  • Police Station
  • Fire Station
  • Fire extinguisher training.
  • Medication disposal at the Vail Municipal Building.

The Economy

When you do decide to move from Denver to Vail, you
obviously must find out whether your skills are appropriate to find a good job.
It may also be possible that you are already moving there as relocation for
your new or current job. Whatever is the case, learning and knowing about the
economy of Vail is essential for when you will become a permanent resident
there. It may help you to move to another job or look for other opportunities
or it may even interest you to start your own business.

The economy of vail generally relies on tourism. The
majority of the industry is based on winter sports, and winter is the peak
season where the economy is booming. However, Vail is also a golfing center and
a summer resort. The activities in summer include mountain biking, guided hikes
on the mountains, fishing, carriage rides, and horseback riding amongst many
others. Moreover, Vail is also working on its arts and cultural front,
developing their very own music and art venues, which are quite active during
the summertime. Vail is also a food connoisseur’s dream destination, offering a
wide range of different restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Crime and safety in Vail

When it comes to the comparison of crime with the national average, Vail falls below the percentage of crime committed in other parts of the country. Vail has dedicated law enforcement agencies to work round the clock to fight crime. Thanks to them Vail is undoubtedly a safe place to live in. This is evident from the year-by-year decrease in the rate of crime in Vail. Overall, the rate of violent crimes has decreased in Vail by 75%, property crimes by 14%, and the total crime in Vail by 18% over the years, which is something positive.

Arts and Culture

Vail Film Festival
Vail Film Festival

This little town of Vail is not just about having a ski resort or vacation getaway. It is, in fact, a combination of arts, cultural and historical haven. There is a lot to do and to see for anyone who visits Vail and even for those who intend to relocate there permanently. Do not expect Vail to be boring when it comes to hosting exciting arts and cultural events.

Cultural Events in Vail

  • Vail Film Festival – which lasts from March to early April.
  • Vail International Dance Festival; is a summer dance festival that showcases ballet and contemporary dancing. It attracts famous companies, such as the San Francisco Ballet and the New York Ballet.
  • The food and wine event of Vail is known as the “Taste of Vail”.
  • Concert series consists of musical performances, lasting four weeks, and are free. It is known as the Bluegrass series.

Museums and Institutions

There are plenty of museums and other places to visit. If you have young children, they will not be bored and will end up learning a lot about the history and culture of this place by visiting such places. Some of these institutions are mentioned:

  • Colorado Ski Museum
  • Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
  • Vail Ski Resort
  • Steadman-Hawkins Clinic (this is a well-known clinic of knee injuries famous all over the estate)
  • Vail Nature Center

Shopping in Vail

When you have moved from Denver to Vail and it is your first season there, you would surely like to get on the slopes for the very first time. The gear or the right clothing for the slopes, however, does not come cheap. There are many ways through which you can get the gear for half the retail price. You should, however, ask your company or your employer whether there are deals or discounts which you can avail. When it comes to buying boards, you can consider used ones and this applies to clothes and boots, as well. There are plenty of stores around town where you can get used products, such as ski and snowboard equipment, at a much cheaper rate.

Education in Vail

One of the most crucial aspects of relocating anywhere is whether the town has a good education system. This is especially true and applies to those people who have children at a school-going age. When you are moving from Denver to Vail, it may take some time getting used to a small-town atmosphere, since Denver is a big city, but the schooling system is excellent and nothing to complain about. The public schools in Vail are part of the Eagle County School District, High School students attend Battle Mountain High School. The Eagle County School also offers children the option of attending Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy, which is a joint program with the area’s ski resorts. This is applicable for students who are between the grades of five to twelve, who are involved or interested in competitive snowboarding and skiing. There are a few other private schools in Vail as well. These include the Vail Mountain School, St. Clare of Assisi Catholic School, Vail Christian High School, and the Vail Academy. For higher education, there is the Vail Eagle Valley campus of Colorado Mountain College.


If you have small children and you are a working parent, then you can take advantage of the excellent childcare services offered in Vail for kids of all age groups. Whether they are babies or toddlers, there are nurseries, which provide excellent care for the kids. They are also available in the mountainous areas, in case you are only visiting the resorts for a little while. Moreover, there are ski schools as well, that can teach your child how to ski, as young as three years of age. From a young age, they can become accustomed to skiing, especially when they are growing up in a ski-town. It is a lot of fun for the kids and although these services do not come cheap, they are surely worth it as they end up teaching your children valuables skill from a young age, At the same time, you do not have to worry about your kids when you working or out running errands. It is advisable, however, to book the slots early for the nursery in advance as they fill up quickly, especially during the holiday season.

Healthcare in Vail

Vail Medical Center
The Vail Medical Center

Nowadays, health care has become a grave issue for most people, and it is imperative to have sound health care facilities wherever you live. It is also vital to live in a place where the quality of life and surroundings are pleasant and healthy. When you are relocating from Denver to Vail, you would be content to know that there are 246 physicians in vail for every 100,000 people, while the US average is 210 per 100,000 people. Commuting may affect your health negatively. As such, the average person commutes only 22.3 minutes one way, which is much shorter than the average of 26.4 minutes for the entire country. Moreover, the air quality of vail is 95, while the average is 58, (100 is the best while 1 is the worst), the water quality is 100 at Vail, while the average is 55. The superfund index, at Vail, is 75 while the average is 87. The superfund index is responsible for cleaning up the contaminated land in the country, posing a danger to health.

Meeting People in Vail

If you are a newcomer in Vail, surely you would be interested in meeting new people to get used to the town and make some friends. There are many bars in town, and many such bars even host social events on a weekly basis, which is a combination of having drinks and games. For example, there may be bars that host foosball tournaments, where they give prizes for the winners. There are also bars, which have game nights, karaoke nights and open mic nights, which are some great ways of having fun in a new town. For those who are not interested in the bar scene, there are options of rec leagues which offers indoor soccer, drop-in basketball and volleyball for those who are into sports. It is quite affordable and gives a great workout. These activities, according to the recreational director at Vail valley, are highly relevant since they bring a sense of togetherness to the people.

One of the Best Places to Live!

Vail has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Colorado, so it will not be so bad when you move from Denver to Vail. According to Niche Magazine, Vail has been ranked at 42 in the best places to retire in the United States. It has been ranked at number 67 for the best places for young professionals in Colorado and ranked at number 96 for the best places to live in the World! This means whether you are nearing your retirement or you are a young professional, there is a lot of promise for you in Vail, Colorado!

Are you Ready to Move to Vail from Denver?

Leaving Denver
Leaving Denver Behind

It is not easy being new in town, especially when you are
relocating from Denver to Vail. Denver is a big city, which has a lot of energy
and life. Vail, on the other hand, is a small town with a close-knit community.
There are advantages and disadvantages to both places, and it mostly depends on
the person and what they prefer. Being a new comer in town can be both exciting
and daunting for anybody.

When it comes to Vail, there are plenty of new people who
arrive there to live seasonally along with hundreds of more workers. The above
guide should be able to help anyone who is moving from Denver to Vail, as it
covers almost every aspect of life in Vail. Whether you are single, married, or
even have children, there is enough information that will get you through the

You can find necessary information, such as details
regarding housing, jobs, and education, tourism and even places where you can
meet new people if you are single and ready to mingle. We hope this guide will
help you become more educated about life in the vail valley, which you can
consider your new home. Good luck moving.

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