What’s the difference between private and shared airport shuttles?

When flying into an airport for a business trip or family vacation, many people choose to use an airport shuttle service. But how to decide on which type of shuttle service to use: private or shared?

Private vs Shared Airport Shuttle Service

The main difference between a private airport shuttle and a shared airport shuttle is the cost of each type of service. People typically consider time and convenience when choosing between a private shuttle and a shared shuttle.

It’s important to consider all of these aspects carefully when deciding which type of airport shuttle service is right for you.

Which Type of Airport Shuttle Service is Best for You, Private or Shared?

Private Airport Shuttle vs Shared Airport Shuttle
Private Airport Shuttle vs Shared Airport Shuttle

So you have an upcoming business trip or vacation and need a way to get from the airport to your accommodations, and you’re thinking about using an airport shuttle service, but which one? The first thing to consider is going to be whether to use a shared or a private shuttle. Let’s take a closer look at the main features and benefits associated with both types of airport shuttle services.

There are a few main differences between private and shared airport shuttle services, and it’s important to evaluate each one when considering which type of shuttle is going to be the best for your particular circumstances. First, private airport shuttle services are booked specifically for one person or a small group of people, whereas shared airport shuttle services are open to anyone who needs a ride. Second, both types of shuttle service offer different amenities and levels of convenience. Finally, private airport shuttle services usually cost more than shared airport shuttle services.

Private Airport Shuttle Overview

Example of a Private Shuttle Service
Example of a Private Shuttle Service

A private shuttle from the airport is a service that picks up and drops off passengers exclusively at their requested location. This type of shuttle is often used by friends or family members who are traveling together. A private shuttle can be more convenient and direct because it is only picking up and dropping off specific people. Private airport shuttles are typically more expensive than shared shuttles and usually offer a more luxurious means of transportation. A private shuttle is also often much quicker, simply because it makes fewer stops along the way and offers door-to-door transit for its passengers.

Shared Airport Shuttle Overview

shared shuttle van

A shared shuttle is a service that picks up and drops off passengers at multiple locations. This type of shuttle is often used by people who are not traveling with others and are more budget-conscious. Shared shuttles typically make more stops than private shuttles and offer fewer onboard amenities. However, they are also significantly cheaper than private shuttles.


A shared shuttle service might be a good option if you’re looking for great value. Shared shuttles offer scheduled departures to and from the airport, so there’s no need to worry about missing your flight. Most shared shuttles allow passengers to bring a substantial amount of luggage with them, which is perfect for anyone traveling solo or with just a few bags. Because reservations are usually required, you can be sure that there will be a seat available for you when you arrive at the airport, and if you miss your shuttle, you can simply hop on the next one.

The cost of a private airport shuttle is typically more expensive than a shared airport shuttle. However, with a private shuttle, you have the convenience of having your own vehicle and driver, which can be helpful if you have a lot of luggage or if you need to make multiple stops on the way to your final destination. With a shared shuttle, you may have to wait for other passengers to arrive before departing, and you will also need to carry your own luggage on and off the shuttle.


There are many benefits to using a private airport shuttle. One of the most obvious benefits is that you have access to lots of great amenities such as free WIFI, as well as snacks and bottled water. Additionally, a private shuttle offers much more legroom than a shared shuttle seat. This can be especially important if you are tall or have a lot of luggage. Having your own personal driver is also a great convenience in that not only will you have someone to talk to, they can also provide you with some great local information about the destination you are visiting.

Shared airport shuttles also provide some great conveniences and are a great way to travel to and from the airport. Most airports have one or even several shared shuttle operators, so it’s easy to find one and book one online. These types of services usually run on a fixed schedule, so you know when to be there to catch your ride. Most shared shuttle drivers will play the radio or some music during the ride, so you’ll also have some entertainment for your journey.

Travel Time:

Travel time for shared vs private airport shuttles
Travel time for shared vs private airport shuttles

Shared shuttles make multiple stops for pick up and drop off other passengers along the way, which can add considerable time to your journey. Also, because these shuttles operate on a fixed schedule, you might find yourself waiting several hours until the next shuttle leaves, which again will make your trip much longer.

Private airport shuttles offer door-to-door convenience. This means that your driver will meet you at the airport and drive you directly to the location you are staying at. This is by far the quickest and most direct way to get to and from the airport. As an added bonus, many private airport shuttle companies allow passengers to stop by the store to pick up groceries, which is very convenient indeed.

A recent Google Maps experiment calculated the travel time for both types of shuttles. It was assumed that the shared shuttle would make frequent stops, and that the private shuttle would go directly from the airport without making any stops. The results of the study showed that the total travel time for a shared shuttle was significantly longer than that for a private shuttle.

How to Book an Airport Shuttle service

Booking Airport Shuttles
Booking Airport Shuttles

Booking an airport shuttle service (private or shared) is typically done by contacting the service provider directly or by using an online booking system. In most cases, shuttle services require advanced booking, and reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance. When making a reservation, customers are asked to provide their name, contact information, flight number, and departure time. The cost of the shuttle service is typically based on the distance between the airport and the customer’s destination, as well as the type of service, i.e., shared vs private.

Private Airport Shuttle vs Shared Airport Shuttle Conclusion

In conclusion, private airport shuttle services offer more convenience, privacy, and luxury than shared airport shuttle services. They can be more expensive, but for some people, the added benefits are worth the extra cost. If you are looking for a comfortable, stress-free airport transportation experience, then a private airport shuttle service is the best option for you. If you are more concerned about budget and don’t mind the extra travel time involved, then a shared shuttle from the airport might be just what you are looking for.