Rocky Mountain Tourism

Rocky Mountain Transportation

The Rocky Mountains also affectionately referred to as ‘’The Rockies’’ are a well-known mountain range in the western part of North America. This range extend for over 3000 miles in a straight line, from the northern part of British Columbia which is in western Canada, all the way to New Mexico, which is in the southwestern part of the United States of America.

These mountains were formed over 80 million years ago during what is called the Laramidia Origemy, when numerous plates began to move under North America. Furthermore, their name is closely linked to Algonquian and is a translation of an Amerindian name.

The Rocky Mountains consist of over a few hundred smaller mountain ranges which are subdivided into:

  • The Canadian Rockies
  • The Northern Rockies
  • The Middle Rockies
  • The Southern Rockies

The Canadian and Northern Rockies spread through Idaho and Montana while the middle Rockies are in Utah, Wyoming and south-east of Idaho. Lastly, the Southern Rockies are in New Mexico and Colorado.

Colorado Rockies
Colorado Rocky Mountains

Tourism in the Rocky Mountains

Every year, the breath-taking view of the Rocky Mountains brings in droves of tourists. So, it is no surprise that the tourism industry is booming. Every year, around 3 million people come in to visit the lakes and the mountains of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. All of these visitors need accommodation as well as travel solutions for getting to the Rockies via either Shuttle Service or Limousine service.

Famous Tourist Attractions of the Rockies

Rocky Mountain National Park
Family enjoying Rocky Mountain National Park

· Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is situated about 75 miles north of Denver and is considered to be part of the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. the park sits between two main towns, which act as its gateways. There is Estes Park to the East of the park, and Grand Lake to the West. Within the park are many mountains, alpine lakes, wildlife sanctuaries and lots of micro climates.

The park came into existence following the signing of the Rocky National Park Act, which took place on Jan 26, 1915. President Woodrow Wilson made the executive order to protect the site, and since then, millions of visitors from across the globe have come to marvel at the splendour of the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies. The park is actually the 3rd most visited park in the United States.

· Big Thompson River

Fishing map of Big Thompson River
Fishing map of Big Thompson River

Big Thompson River provides great fishing and educational opportunities from May through October when the river is overflowing with fish. The River runs through the State of Colorado, and is a tributary river of the South Platte River. It is estimated to be 78 miles in length. The rivers’ headwaters begin in Forest Canyon, which is located close to Estes Park. Olympus Dam on Estes Lake helps regulate the flow of the river, before it runs into Big Thompson Canyon.

As well as fishing, the river provides lots of white water activities such as rafting and kayaking, or simply floating on an inflatable device of choice. Many families camp next to the river in the summer months, and it is great fun all around.

· Peak to Peak Scenic Byway

Peak to Peak Byway, Estes Park
Peak to Peak, Byway in Estes

This is one of the most ethereal scenes in Colorado, whole also being the oldest. It consists of dazzling lakes and long peaks which is captivating and inspiring for photographers and wildlife watchers.

A highway connects the two main peaks set within Rocky Mountain National Park, offering travellers unbelievable views of the park and surrounding mountains. Just watch out for lightning!

During severe storms, as well as most of the winter months, the highway is closed down, as it is simply too dangerous to travel on, but come Spring and Summer, tourists are quick to flock to this unforgettable attraction.

·Aerial Tramway

estes park tramway | Rocky Mountain Tourism
Estes Park Tramway

The Estes Park Aerial Tramway transfers you from the ground to the peak of the Prospect Mountain in a matter of minutes while also providing you surreal views and sceneries along the way.

· Historic Stanley Hotel

This Hotel is placed in Estes Park and registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a vital hotel to visit when visiting the Rocky Mountains. You can also get a ghost tour of the hotel which inspired ‘The Shining’’, the number one bestseller by Stephen King.

Stanley Hotel | Rocky Mountain Tourism
The Stanley Hotel

Limousine Services in Colorado

Limousine Services in Colorado
Rocky Mountain Limousines

To accommodate the millions of visitors Colorado and the Rocky mountains receive each year, it is vital to have a strong transportation system in place. While many travellers are comfortable sharing transportation options such as shared shuttles or busses, and some are willing to rent vehicles themselves, there are some exclusive passengers who would prefer to do their sightseeing with modern luxury and comfort.

For these discerning customers, limousine services of distinction have appeared over the last several years, to provide a luxurious touch to Rocky Mountain tourism. There are several limousine companies in Colorado that offer service to the Rocky Mountains. Travellers who prefer a chauffeured service rather than renting a car value their time and would rather spend their time in leisure than having to drive great distances. For these discerning individuals, there are several options when it comes to choosing a limo company.

Rocky Mountain Limousine

This company caters to airports and local services but is not only limited to that. Alongside this, there is the service provided for business trips, groups and even weddings.  Rocky Mountain limousine also allows you to have complimentary stops at the grocery store if you ask for one. Moreover, their service is professional with experienced drivers and entail a fairly strict no smoking and no drinking rule. Lastly, one of their most important features is that they are pet-friendly. You can bring in pets when you avail their services with no additional cost.

Rocky Mountain Limo

The operators and owners at Rocky Mountain Limo understand that the demand for limo calls for a private, luxurious and VIP service, and they will deliver nothing less than that. They promise to go above and beyond for their customers who may be celebrating a very important function in their life or their customers who just desire a safe and relaxed ride.

Rocky Mountain Limo has a fleet of vehicles which are safe, clean and comfortable. Not only this, but their drivers are professional yet friendly ensuring that you are in great hands in the midst of the trip. All of these services are available at an affordable price tag as well. So, this limo service will allow you to have a memorable experience in a small budget as well.

Rocky Mountain Limo specialises in:

  • Airport transportation
  • Corporate car services
  • Limousine services

Their offices are open 24/7 all day of the week for bookings so you don’t have to waste any more time in securing arrangements for your trip.


466.LIMO has been established and working for a decade, providing smooth and secure rides to its customers from 2008. They are easily accessible and flexible with their booking arrangement. You can get a limo secured a year before your wedding or if you’re arriving last minute and need an urgent ride. All you need to do this call their operators or even text them to get a ride waiting outside.  They are open 24/7 so you do not have to waste time waiting for them to open up.

466.LIMO is licensed and insured so they are safe to travel with. They can also accommodate between 1 to fourteen passengers at one time, so while you’re travelling alone or bringing in the close family or friends, you can avail their services.

The average rates for their trip are $2.75 per mile for 1 to 4 passengers and $3.25 per mile for 5 to 7 passengers. These are affordable for the average customer, especially based on the quality of the service provided.

Blue Sky Limo

Blue Sky Limo - Rocky Mountain Limo Company
Limousine of the Rocky Mountains – Blue Sky Limo

Blue Sky Limo is one of the most well-reputed limousine services in Colorado. This company has been established since 2012 meaning they have been providing hassle-free, secure and relaxing rides to their customers for many years.  They are equipped with all necessary licenses alongside professional and experienced drivers that clients demand to ensure their safety and comfort.

Rocky Mountain Airport Shuttle Service – Blue Sky Limo

In addition, they provide world class door to door service from airport to hotel/residence. This gives the customer flexibility with time and locations. They operate in many locations including:

  • Denver
  • Eagle
  • Keystone
  • Vail
  • Aspen
  • Breckenridge
  • Silverthorne

Their offices are open 24/7 and questions and calls are answered immediately while text messages may take an hour or so but regardless, all customers are kept satisfied based on communication.

There also provide premium services and amenities:

  • Complimentary on-board Wi-Fi
  • Additional stops
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Child seat or booster seat
  • On-board entertainment systems

Call the office operators and book at any time and ensure a safe and relaxing ride to your Colorado Rocky mountain destination.

Lastly, you can also call them at the numbers provided on their website to check out and seal any special discount or holiday deals that may be available at the time.

In Summary, driving through the Colorado Rocky Mountains is half of the fun in making such a journey. To enjoy the views to their fullest, consider using a limousine service such as Blue Sky Limo, who have years of experience in complete customer satisfaction and will get you to where you are going in comfort and style. Enjoy your trip!