Traveling Between Vail and Aspen

Traveling Between Vail and Aspen

Traveling can be thrilling, but let’s face it: it can also be tiring. If you plan your trip well, your experience will be spectacular; however, it can become a hectic mess without pre-planning. If you are going to travel between Aspen and Vail, then you should have an idea about the different modes of commuting available and the different paths you can take. Having a well-thought-out plan for transportation between Vail and Aspen is critical to you not only enjoying your journey but also getting to your destination in a timely manner. And if you want to know which one is better: Aspen vs Vail – be sure to check out our full guide, where we go over all the differences between Aspen and Vail and which is better.

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Getting To Aspen

If you are staying in Vail for business or pleasure, you have a couple of options for traveling from Vail to Aspen. You might consider renting a car. However, you would have to travel to either Avon or Edwards first, as Vail has no car rental locations. It might be possible for you to arrange to have your car delivered to your residence; however, you would need to make that arrangement with the car rental provider ahead of time.

The most convenient way to travel between Vail and Aspen is by a private Aspen airport car service such as Blue Sky Limo. This way, you can be picked up and chauffeured by your own private car and driver, who will pick you up from your residence and also be available to drive you back if this is going to be a short day trip. For longer stays, you can, of course, request the same company to pick you up when you are ready for the return portion of your trip.

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Total Distance

In either scenario (by rental car or private limo company), you are looking at a total driving distance of about 100 miles or 160 kilometers. The drive will take you westbound on I70 and then travel South on Glenwood Ave highway 82 towards Aspen. It’s a beautiful drive through some amazing-looking canyons, so you might want to consider having a chauffeured experience so that you can look out the window and appreciate the views (they are that spectacular.)

Total Time

Depending on weather conditions and time of year, you should allow at least 2 hours for driving between Vail and Aspen by limousine transportation. Please remember, though, that winter snowstorms are very common in the mountains, and, many times during the winter, the roads between towns will be closed for safety precautions. It is always wise to check the weather daily for new developing patterns, as these could greatly impact your travel itinerary. This might also be yet another reason to opt for a chauffeured ride. Professional drivers know the terrain and have experience driving in adverse conditions and specialty winter tires that are essential for driving through storms.

Scenic Stops on Your Drive to Aspen

The mountainous town of Aspen is remarkably beautiful. The journey between the two skiing resorts is enthralling and filled with scenic spots; you will be amazed by the picturesque landscapes and serene views between Vail and Aspen. Here are just a few of the highlights you can enjoy on your drive:

Glenwood Canyon

Glenwood Canyon is one of the best locations to stop by and enjoy during your trip to Aspen. It gives you a direct view of the mighty Colorado River. The 16-mile-long Canyon provides various opportunities for recreation if you have the time. Glenwood Canyon is a precursor to the Grand Canyon, which runs a few hundred miles downstream.

You can try out many Glenwood activities, including whitewater river rafting, shore fishing or fishing float trips, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, picnicking, cycling, and wildlife viewing. You can also take a quiet stroll around the canyon and feel at peace; you don’t need to actively participate in sports activities to enjoy the magic of the Canyon fully.

Hanging Lake

The Hanging Lake is one of the most popular hiking trails around the Glenwood area. Be prepared to climb along Dead Horse Creek. The hike takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete, so plan your trip accordingly and remember to put on your hiking shoes. Hiking permits are issued to save the trail from erosion and overcrowding.

While hiking, you will have a good chance to explore the natural beauty and glance at the habitat of various native species of plants and wildlife. Deer, moose, and even black bears can be seen freely roaming the area, so it is very important to always stay on the designated paths. At the top of the hike, you will come to a spectacular site with pristine waters of the lake, which are breathtaking. The waterfalls are a pleasant addition to an already amazing location.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is an ideal town for all those who enjoy water spots. It provides you with various recreational activities, along with beautiful views to satiate your eyes.

This is a great destination for people who love hot springs. One of the largest mineral hot spring pools in the world is located here. The resort also consists of two huge outdoor pools and a renowned Spa. It provides dining and entertainment opportunities.

If you have time, you can descend towards the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, which has 16 smaller natural spring pools.

Carbondale and the Roaring Fork Valley

Carbondale is an enthralling town located in the Roaring Fork Valley. It is close to Aspen and is worth a quick visit. There are many charming local shops and restaurants where you can stretch your legs and enjoy the quiet mountain life.

If you have time for a quick hike, the Mushroom Rock trail provides a wonderful opportunity. At the end of your hike, you will see a breathtaking view of Mount Sopris, the twin summit that hovers over Carbondale.

Final Thoughts

Traveling between Vail and Aspen can prove challenging if you do not have your car. Luckily, chauffeured car service providers such as Blue Sky Limo Aspen can take you on this journey in style and comfort. Also, there are so many beautiful places to see along the way to Aspen. By using a private limo service, you can enjoy the views, and with a little arrangement up front, you can stop at some of these locations to make your trip even more wonderful.