What Makes Living in Vail, Colorado so Great?

Some people might ask: what’s so great about living in Vail, Colorado? And the answer is plenty Colorado has beautiful terrain and unbelievable landscapes. Its cities are packed full of culture, life and hospitality, and there are magical places all throughout Colorado whose inhabitants treasure them for all their quirky uniqueness.

One such place is Vail, which has so many magical qualities about it, that it’s hard to know where to begin to describe it. The town’s inhabitants know of its amazing charms, and its why year after year, even though many tourists come and go throughout the busy skiing and summer sports seasons, many choose to stay and make this place their home.

The Landscape

Vail Colorado | What Makes Living in Vail, Colorado so Great?
Vail, Colorado

The first thing anyone notices about Vail is the fact that it has some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world. Vail Mountain is the central attraction of the town and it is one of the reasons for all the tourists coming annually. Lost Lake is another natural beauty that can be found near the town, granted it takes a few hours to hike there and back. Both the mountain and the lake make up some of the town’s beautiful terrain, and to its natural splendor.

Aside from these two attractions, Vail is also surrounded by White River National Forest and this forest is home to many species of mountain animal. Imagine going out every day to explore the forest, ski on the mountains or even row yourself across the lake on a boat. This is why Vail, is the ideal place for those who are fond of adventures and the wilderness.


The number of tourists that Vail attracts during the winter season is increasing every year. This is because Vail has the largest natural terrain of any ski resort in Northern Colorado, so there is plenty to choose from for everyone. Vail’s tourism scene is one that the locals take great pride in through their hospitality and offering of goods and services. Many locals start small businesses to cater to the tourist population via restaurants, fishing guides or even offering shuttle services to Vail.

The Locals

Another great part about Vail are of course the locals. Vail has a population of about 5400 and while this is quite small compared to other large, the small population only makes it a better place to live. Many people living here know each other well, and that makes for a great sense of community. People are also very friendly, and everyone just seems to get along.


Vail is a safe place to live, and crime rates are virtually nonexistent. The police are efficient and effective, so they keep everything in line, however, the main reason for so little crime has to be attributed to the very high standard of living everyone here is accustomed to, and the fact that everybody just seems so happy to be living in such a cool, magical place.

Imagine raising your children in a place where you will not have to worry about crime in the slightest. That’s hard to find on this planet, and it certainly is a big contributing factor to how wonderful Vail truly is.

People enjoying life in Vail

The Weather

The weather conditions in Vail are also incredible. The summer is probably the best part of the year because it’s always sunny and pleasant. The summer season is usually three months long and these three months are the most blissful of the entire year.

The winter is quite cold as Vail is in a mountainous region, and there will be lots and lots of snow which of course makes for great skiing and snowboarding.  There is a different kind of charm that comes with the winter season and it’s a beautiful time because of the Winter holidays (which are rather extravagantly celebrated in Vail).

Transportation in Vail

The transportation in Vail is another amazing part of it. The furthest commute within the actual town will take you an average of about 23 minutes and the sheer accessibility of everything in the city is what makes it such an ideal place to live. The transportation system includes a free bus system, which runs frequently and is very well maintained. Also, being such a small town, it’s also possible to just walk wherever you are going.

A lot of people in Vail travel to work by foot (if it is nearby) or ride their bicycles during the warmer months. The bus is usually the best option in the winter, and it is known for almost always being on time unless there is a huge snowstorm that has roads blocked.

Commuting To Vail

Getting from Denver Airport to Vail via I70, the commute is about 2 hours long. There is also the option of flying directly into Vail Colorado (Eagle) Airport (EGE) and that will reduce the commute time to a very manageable 1 hour instead. Many people choose to use a private airport taxi service for piece of mind, rather than having to drive themselves from the airport.

Final Thoughts

Vail has a higher standard of living than most other places in the United States. It’s an amazing place to live and has a lot of facilities available to make you want to stay here forever. Vail, has the atmosphere you would want to have your family in and raise your children in, especially considering the beautiful landscape, the incredible blue skies and the great people. It can truly be called a winter (and summer) wonderland for those who live here.