Working as Vail Airport Shuttle Driver in Colorado

An airport shuttle is a kind of chauffeur. Getting a job as an airport shuttle driver in a resort town such as Vail, is a fun way to have a lucrative career, live in an awesome place, and get to meet lots of cool people! Vail, Colorado, is a hidden paradise where a wide range of jobs in the hospitality field are available. There are several private shuttle companies out there, and they are constantly looking for more drivers, as the town’s tourism business grows more and more each year. That is why more and more people are considering driving jobs in Vail.

Vail airport shuttle Driver
Becoming a Vail Airport Shuttle Driver

Basic requirements for Shuttle drivers in Vail, Colorado

Candidates are required to meet some basic requirements for becoming eligible for the job of Vail airport shuttle driver:

  • Educational requirements: A high school diploma or GED is required for most jobs in the Vail Valley, and being a driver is no exception. With the amount of competition that exists for higher paying jobs, a college diploma might prove beneficial to be the selected candidate.
  • Age: Although the legal requirements for driving in Colorado is 16, most companies will prefer candidates to be at least 21+ years of age, as the clientele is typically mature adults who prefer to be chauffeured by other mature adults.
  • Physical fitness: There will be considerable physical stress that comes along with the job of a limo driver. The driver will be behind the wheel of a vehicle for several hours each day, as well as have to lift heavy luggage when picking up and dropping off clients. For this reason, drivers must pass a physical exam as well and obtain a medical fitness report from a medical examiner. Individuals are required to pass a vision test to make sure this is not an issue when driving with passengers.
  • License requirements: You will need to obtain a state-issued commercial driving license (CDL) with passenger approval. But, in case you are planning to join a rental car services company that provides taxis and limos from Denver International Airport (DIA) to Vail and vice versa, then you might require an additional limo license, Herdic license, regulated by Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC).
  • Experience: No extensive experience is usually mandatory. You can become eligible with minimum entry-level experience. Though, of course, any relevant experience either with driving, or with customer service in general is highly preferred.

Necessary skills for the job

Vail’s best shuttle drivers must have strong customer service competencies, map reading, and navigational capabilities, and the competency to maintain composure in the face of rude or irritable passengers. Moreover, they must be familiar with basic math, mobile location software, and customer queries.  In the Vail Valley area, a strong knowledge of local attractions, dining suggestions, and outdoor activities is highly sought in the ideal candidate.

Airport Shuttle Driver Training

Private Vail airport Shuttle SUV

Professional Vail shuttle drivers learn the necessary skills on the job. Private Airport Shuttle companies will provide all the necessary training a new applicant might require to safely operate their vehicles and transport their passengers. This learning process can last from as little as a few days to as long as several weeks and covers such areas as local transport guidelines, route directions, and driver protection; customer relations schooling is also covered during this time. It is indispensable for new airport shuttle drivers who frequently transport passengers from Denver airport to Vail to have completed their license renewal applications prior to the license expiring. This also involves updating the medical physical evaluation from your doctor annually. They may also be asked to pass an annual drug test or take another shielding course.

Other Job Requirements

Some other airport shuttle driver requirements for the town of Vail are:

  • A valid Colorado driver’s license
  • Must have passed a driver’s screening test, which provides necessary information about your driving history and criminal background check.
  • Have a smartphone that can download and run rental limo apps as well as navigation apps.
  • Vail airport shuttle driving permit: In the town of Vail, commercial drivers must acquire a vehicle permit for each automobile as much as 30 days before each Transportation Year. A permit will cost $25 – $50.

Additional Documents Required To Become a Vail Shuttle Driver

The necessary documents that you will need to complete a limo driver application are:

  • A profile sized photo
  • Vehicle registration of Colorado
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Colorado vehicle inspection
  • Colorado TNC Medical Exam
  • Business license and permit certificate

Colorado TNC Driver Medical Exam

If you want to start working as a certified Vail airport shuttle driver, you must go through a Colorado TNC Driver Medical Exam successfully. Once you have been issued a TNC Driver Medical Certificate, keep it on you while you are driving in Vail.

Colorado driver by-laws

While transporting passengers, shuttle drivers must follow the following rules and regulations to avoid any unpleasant incident. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has set an hourly limit for TNC drivers for the daily driving mode.

  • Drivers cannot drive for more than 12 hours consecutively.
  • Drivers can stay in driving mode for a total of 16 hours daily.
  • Drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 70 hours in a week.

Note: serious fines can result from failure to follow these important provisions and regulations.

Unplanned vehicle checks

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) randomly inspects commercial airport shuttle operators in Vail to check if drivers are following all regulations. The inspection officer will scrutinize your vehicle’s brakes, tires, and windshield, etc. He or she might also check your vehicle’s registration, driving license, vehicle’s insurance proof, medical certificate and vehicle inspection form, etc.

Advantages of Working as an Airport Shuttle Driver in Vail

There are many great perks and benefits to becoming an airport shuttle driver in the Vail Valley. This is the reason why so many people choose to pursue a career in this field. While the competition is pretty strong, the fact that the business in general is growing every year, makes it a worthwhile pursuit, that the strong candidate has a realistic chance of winning the job.

1) A Lucrative Salary with Manageable Hours:

According to the latest figures, private Vail airport shuttle drivers can earn around $61,000 annually.  This is much higher than the median national salary. The working hours in this profession are quite relaxed. There is a legally mandated minimum break of 8 hours after driving for 12 hours consecutively, but most companies are much more flexible. Typically a driver would make a maximum of 2 (and usually just the 1) trip from Vail to Denver and back again per day, and make a good living doing so.

2) Living in Vail, Colorado:

Vail is a tourism hub because of its breathtaking landscape. As a commercial limo driver, you will get to take pleasure from all the picturesque scenery and mountains that Vail has to offer while you are taking tourists to their desired destinations. Climate has a lot of influence in making your job bearable or unbearable. Driving for 12 – 16 hours daily becomes enjoyable due to the blissful weather of Vail. The three-months long summer season becomes even more pleasing because of the surrounding forests.

3) Work Safety Conditions:

The crime rate in Vail is exceptionally low due to the high living standard in the town. So, you can safely perform you job, enjoy life, and raise a family without having to worry about crime in the slightest. The safety of the city has a lot to do with the excellent police force that keeps everything in order.

Drawbacks of Working as an airport Shuttle Driver in Vail?

Like any other job, this job of a commercial limo driver also a few potential negatives that are important to keep in mind.

1) Dealing with Difficult Passengers:

As a limo driver, you will come across all kinds of passengers. Some prove to be quite difficult and overly rude and irritable. You are bound by your job to tolerate even the most difficult people without losing your composure.

2) Possibility Of Road Accidents:

The injury rate in this profession is higher than in many other jobs, mostly because there is of course, the risk of a car accident. Being in the car most of the day, means there is a greater risk. However, the meticulous maintenance of vehicles which limo companies perform, and the extensive training undertaken by the drivers, results in very few accidents happening, and this really should not be a differing factor in choosing to apply for this career.