Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators

If you’re planning on visiting Eagle County, you might have encountered the acronym “ECRASO” while planning the logistics and little quirks of getting to and from the airport. This is an important term that will help you arrange all your travel plans and provide a convenient way of getting around Eagle County.

Eagle County Regional Shuttle by Blue sky Limo

What are ECRASOs?

ECRASO stands for Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operator. Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators (ECRASOs) provide transportation services to the residents and visitors of Eagle County, Colorado, looking for a convenient way to travel to and from the local airport. There are 2 main types of ECRSOs available to the general public: shared service and private service.

Types of Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators:

Two main types of Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators are private and shared airport shuttle services. Deciding which option will be best for you will take evaluating the main pros and cons associated with each type of service. The following guide should prove helpful for doing so:

  1. Shared ECRASOs: This type of Eagle County Regional Shuttle Operator provides transportation within Eagle County to EGE (Eagle Airport). A shared ECRASO is typically a large-capacity van or bus service that can transport anywhere between 6 – 24 travelers. This type of service is usually more affordable than a private ECRASO. Typically, these shuttles run on a fixed schedule, and tickets can be purchased either ahead of time or directly at the airport or shuttle stop.
  2. Private ECRASOs: This type of Eagle County Airport Shuttle Transportation also services Eagle County and its airport but utilizes private chauffeured vehicles (typically SUVs) to transport between 1 and 7 passengers. This type of service is usually more expensive and must be booked well in advance. There are no scheduled shuttle stops, as this service operates as a door-to-door service. These services are especially popular among affluent visitors flying into Eagle Airport.

List of Regional Airport Shuttle Services Available in Eagle County

Shuttles Waiting at Eagle County Airport
Shuttles Waiting at Eagle County Airport

The following list includes regional shuttle operators that service Eagle County Vail Airport. These companies offer transportation between the airport and various destinations within the county, including Eagle (EGE) to Vail, Beaver Creek, and Edwards. Prices and services vary according to the Eagle County Regional Shuttle Operator type, i.e., private or shared, number of passengers, and distance traveled.

Private Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators:

  • Alpine Limousine | 970-379-2529
  • Aspen Black Car | 970-331-3135
  • Aspen Private Transport | 970-279-1878
  • B-Line Xpress LLC | 800-423-0929
  • Black Diamond Limo | 970-261-6509
  • Blue Sky Limo Eagle Airport | 970-401-7001
  • Gold Leaf Limo | 970-923-7433
  • Mountain Limousine LLC | 970-470-5503
  • Platinum Express LLC | 970-331-9976
  • Smart Division Express | 970-390-9361
  • ZG Limo Services | 970-309-1680

Shared Eagle County Regional Airport Shuttle Operators:

  • Slopestyle Rides | 503-619-5887
  • Sherpa Transportation | 970-366-1952
  • Rich Valley Adventures LLC | 970-456-3666
  • Mountain Transportation LLC | 904-480-1824
  • Mountain Adventure Charters | 970-471-4255
  • High Country Transportation | 970-376-6318
  • Corporate Trans. Specialists (CTS) | 970-925-8842
  • Big Mountain Transportation | 970-390-6151
  • Alpine Luxury Transportation LLC | 970-949-6411
  • 5280 VIP Transportation | 970-779-2855

Pickup and Drop off Procedures for Eagle County Regional Shuttle Services

Passenger pickups and drop-off procedures for shared Eagle County Regional shuttle services vary depending on the operator. The shuttle service may have specific instructions for pickups and drop-offs, which passengers should follow to ensure a smooth experience. For example, the shuttle service may require passengers to collect all their luggage 1st and then make their way to a designated shuttle pickup location either at the airport or at the hotel they are staying in. These airport shuttle services operate on a fixed schedule. They will make many stops along their routes, picking up additional passengers and dropping people off at their requested destinations in order of proximity to the point of departure.

Private Eagle County Regional Shuttle Operators typically have specific passenger pickup and drop-off procedures. For pickups, the shuttle service will usually have a designated area near the terminal where passengers should wait. Upon landing at Eagle County Airport, passengers should contact their shuttle operator for instructions on where their driver will meet them. Upon meeting the driver, he/she will help the passengers load their luggage into the vehicle and then drive directly to their accommodations. For drop-offs, the process is reversed. The driver will meet the passengers directly at their hotel or residence, assist them with their luggage, and then drive them to the terminal.

Booking an ECRASO

Booking an Eagle County Regional Shuttle

Booking an Eagle County Regional Shuttle is as simple as filling out an online reservation form on the company website or making a telephone call. Most private Eagle County shuttle services require at least 48 hours of notice to make a booking (and much longer during the busy holiday seasons. Shared shuttle operators can be booked on the day of travel or even directly at the airport or hotel.

As with all travel itineraries, it is important to carefully read your ECRSO’s booking and cancellation policies to ensure no hidden charges or surprises should you experience any unexpected delays.


ECRASOs are an important resource for both the residents of Eagle County and its visitors, providing valuable transportation options for getting around Eagle County. An Eagle County Regional Shuttle is going to be the most convenient way to get to and from the local airport in that using such a service eliminates the hassle of finding parking (which is very limited everywhere in Eagle County), as well as driving through hazardous mountain road conditions which can be especially bad in the cold Winter months.