Denver Top Visitor Attractions

Denver top attractions

Denver is the capital of Colorado state. It is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the U.S. Because of the high elevation of exactly one mile above the sea, it is also known as Mile High City. If you are an adventurer, this city might be the perfect base for you. Now you might be thinking, what makes this city so great? Well its attractions are the main reasons that will make you want to move here.

All the attractions of Denver city make it an exciting, booming and diverse place to be. Keep reading to see all the great activities and attractions Denver has to offer its visitors and how to travel to Denver.

Colorado State Capitol

The neoclassical building of the Colorado State Capitol is the first attraction in our list. It was built in 1890s and it is home to the governor’s office as well as the Colorado General Assembly. The building is directly inspired by the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.  The cool part is the fact that the building allows you to stand exactly one mile above the sea level and get an incredible view of the city. The interior of the building is made of stained-glass murals that portray scenes from the history of Colorado.

A 360-degree panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and downtown provides a pleasing sight. The place is free to visit, and free tours are also available from Monday to Friday, so there’s really no reason not to go!

Denver State Capitol
Denver State Capitol

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum is a quick walk away from the State Capitol. The building contains the best artworks that depict ancient times as well as the modern era. The museum’s North building resembles a castle and it was designed by Italian modernist architect Gio Ponti while the Hamilton Building was designed by American polish architect Daniel Libeskind. This world-class art museum is one of the top attractions of Denver.

The museum contains a vast collection of arts with American Indian art in abundance (around 70,000). Different exhibitions take place frequently, so be sure to check their calendar. The Denver Art Museum is open Friday from 10-8 while 10-6 for the rest of the days of the week.

03 Denver Art Musuem | Denver Top Visitor Attractions

Red Rocks

Another excellent Denver attraction is Red Rocks. It is located in the small town of Morrison just a few miles away from Denver. The outdoor amphitheatre and city park are great places to bike, hike, and enjoy live music. Red Rocks is the best concert venue in the entire U.S. The stage for concerts is set between two massive sandstones. This natural amphitheatre is not only stunningly beautiful but also delivers some absolutely incredible acoustics.

The best thing is that, both parking and admissions are totally free. On non-event days, it opens and closes an hour before sunrise and sunset respectively. But if there is an event or show, it closes around 2 PM. There is always something cool going on at Red Rocks as it regularly hosts yoga classes and even movie nights. Several different biking and hiking trails are also within the park. So, if you want to get some exercise along with breath-taking mountain views, do visit this place at least once. To get there consider taking a Denver Shuttle Service.

16th Street Mall

16th Street Mall is a tree-lined street in downtown Denver that is full of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, so that you can spend your leisure time here while doing the shopping. You can also enjoy some street performances here. The 16th Street Mall is very easily walkable but if you want to give your feet a rest, you can avail the facility of the free shuttle bus that stops at every corner of the street.

16th st Mall Denver

Botanic Gardens

If you are a nature lover, then we are pretty sure that you will like to add Botanic Gardens to your list of places to visit. The park occupies 23 acres place in the middle of the city, creating a green oasis right in the heart of Denver. The place is definitely one of the Denver top attractions as it is comprised of over 45 different gardens. There are more than 30,000 different plants. The tropical conservatory, the peaceful Japanese Garden and the Rock Alpine Garden are some of the highlights of the park.

The Botanic Gardens open every day from 9-5. Entrance to the York Street area of the gardens requires tickets that cost $9.50 for military/seniors, $12.50 for adults and $9 for children and students. But keep checking their calendar as there are some days throughout the year when it is totally free.

Sporting Venues

Denver is like a hub for different sports. Denver and Detroit are the only two U.S. cities where four major sports including football, basketball, baseball and hockey are being played. You can enjoy different sporting events that take place frequently throughout the year.

The Denver Bronco’s are one of the top NFL teams in the country with Super Bowl titles and a fan base that is dedicated to the max. The Nuggets are slowly but surely making progress in the NBA. The Colorado Avalanche are a world class hockey team. And the Colorado Rockies are as solid as they come in the major baseball league. In short, if you are a sports lover, then you will definitely like it here!

Denver Broncos
Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock (3) celebrates a score against the Houston Texans during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019, in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

History Colorado Center

If you are a history lover and interested in learning more about the Denver and state of Colorado, then you should visit History Colorado Center which is located in the Golden Triangle Museum District. The place is a hub for many of the best Denver attractions. This modern history museum is full of high-tech, interactive exhibits that are informative and fun for all ages.

Not only exhibits inside are great but the building of History Colorado itself is quite impressive. It is made of local as well as recycled materials and it is a beautiful architect inside and out. The museum opens every day from 10-5. Its ticket costs $12 for seniors, $14 for adults and $8/$10 for children and students.

Larimer Square

William Larimer in 1858 named the city’s main street after himself. The street is a commercial hub. It is filled with flophouses, liquor stores and pawn shops.

Denver Zoo and Local Parks

Bears, lions, tigers, elephants and many more make Denver Zoo one of the most popular zoos in America. City Park is the largest urban park in the city. You will find football, baseball and soccer fields, a golf course and a tennis court here. A couple of small lakes in the park allows you to enjoy boat rides.

Reasons to Visit Denver

All the mentioned above Denver attractions not only increases the city worth but also help people in making up their mind to move to Denver. Along with that, different factors also contribute to that decision.

The Weather

While talking about a city that’s surrounded by mountains, people assume it is a cold place. Despite the 50-inch snowy winter, it is sunny throughout most of the year. Temperature is likely to touch 50-degree mark. The average temperature of the city is suitable for almost everyone.

The Culture

Denver is not just a city, but it is a hub of different cultures. It is crossroad where people from Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and other major cities bring their culture and traditions with them. Here you have a great chance to meet with people that depict different cultures and you can easily learn their traditions.

The Business and Vibrant Economy

With offices of Google, Wells Fargo, Comcast, Kaiser Permanente and many others, there has been a huge influx of people moving for jobs. Because of strong defense, aerospace, healthcare, biotech, finance, science, technology and hospitality sectors, Denver city has low unemployment rate (2.4%) and strong job market. The University of Denver and the University of Colorado both offer higher education and research opportunities. You can easily find your dream career and job here.

The Food

As a crossroads of West coast natives and Southern transplants, Denver offers a wide variety of food items. You can have a taste of many different cultures. Whether it is modern Indian at Biju’s or Southern comfort food at Welton St. Café, this city offers everything you want in a diverse food scene.

enjoying some street food in Denver

The Views

As the city is surrounded by mountains, you can enjoy the breath-taking mountain views from almost any building in Denver. Along with that the city has different must visit places where you can spend your time in comfort.

The Activities

If you love the outdoors, then Denver is the best option for you to live. From biking and hiking in summer to snowboarding and skiing in winter, Denver offers you great outdoor activities. Local parks of the city also contain bike trails and different sports fields.

The Events

Several different events take place all year round. You name it and there is an event. Basketball, Football, Food, Art, Politics, Tech and many more events are the parts of regular routines of people living in Denver.


With so many world class attractions, events and activities taking place in Denver throughout the year, it’s hard to find a reason not to want to come visit. There really is something for everyone in the Mile-High City!