How Does Living in Aspen Compare to Denver, Colorado?

Planning a trip around beautiful Colorado? Colorado has diverse and breathtaking landscapes. It’s popular for its scenic beauty and well-maintained museums that open exciting windows to the past. It is divided into several regions, with Denver being the capital city. Along with Denver, Aspen stands as being one of the most popular destination in Colorado. Both these cities are blessed with amazing natural beauty that people from around the world come to visit. If you are also planning on taking a trip to Aspen or Denver, you can choose from either of these two wonderful destinations. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between Denver and Aspen.

Aspen vs Denver


A lot of people do not prefer crowded areas during their vacations and they may even ruin their trip. Denver, being the capital of Colorado and the largest city, has a total land area of 401.4 km2 with a total population of 678,467; this means that you’ll potentially run into 4426 people per square mile. This might seem a lot to people who prefer quiet places.

Aspen has a total land area of about 10.05 km2, accommodating a total population of 7097 people. There, you’ll find about 1829 people per square mile. Therefore, Aspen is a less populated area with the same number of entertainment opportunities as Denver.

aspen | How Does Living in Aspen Compare to Denver, Colorado?


Climate is an important aspect to consider before travelling to the location you have in mind. Not only does it affect your trip, but your health as well.

Comparing between Denver and Aspen, you’ll notice some significant differences in their weathers. Aspen experiences a temperature between 15⁰ to -12⁰ C during winters and its peak travel time during winter is during December to March. Aspen is the perfect spot for a winter trip due to the amazing skiing opportunity it provides. During summers, the climate is dry with a maximum temperature of about 26⁰ C. The best summer months to travel to Aspen are from June to August.  

In Denver, temperature during the winter varies between 9⁰ C and -7⁰ C and November to March is the peak ski season in the region. In summer, the temperature reaches a maximum of 33⁰ C. People usually prefer traveling to Denver between June and August for summer activities.

On a scale of one to ten for being the most comfortable places in Colorado, Aspen has been rated 5.9; this indicates that, despite its cooler temperature, it is less comfortable compared to other regions of the state. Denver, however, has been rated 7.3 on the comfort index, meaning that it’s a more comfortable and enjoyable place compared to some other regions.   

Traveling Between Aspen and Denver

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Places to Visit in Aspen and Denver


Maroon Bells

maroon bells | How Does Living in Aspen Compare to Denver, Colorado?

Maroon Bells are one of the most visited mountains in North America. They have an elevation of 14000 ft., making them a great hiking spot. They are the most preferred destinations by nature-observers, wildlife-watchers, and photographers. The colorful slopes of the mountains add great beauty to the view, which rejuvenates the minds and souls of viewers.


Snowmass is an extraordinary tourist spot in Aspen. It’s the largest skiing area in the region, making it the center of attention of tourists in winters. The area features multiple aerial lifts and a village with over dozens of shops and dining areas that are perfect for non-skiers. Snowmass is also known throughout the country for its highly-rated snowboarding schools.

Aspen Highlands

Skiing lovers make the most memorable memories in Aspen Highlands with its challenging yet enjoyable trails. The trails are mainly designed for advanced skiers. Another great feature of this place is the Cloud Nine restaurant which offers amazing food, along with a stunning view of Maroon Bells.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is a town that’s located 40 miles northwest of Aspen. It boats amazing skiing spots and whitewater rafting and fishing areas. The best thing about this place is its hot springs, which have been used by native tribes for decades. The entry fee is a little high, but you get to enjoy a full-day access to the springs.


Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater

red rocks | How Does Living in Aspen Compare to Denver, Colorado?

The Red Rocks Park is one of the greatest places to visit in Denver for a fun and exciting evening. It covers an area of around 700 acres, featuring a stunning shift between the extended plains and the Rockies. You can stretch your legs in the park among the light brown-colored sandstone cliffs with a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains. The park also offers a ski trail and a platform for various music concerts and festivals.  If you are looking for more information on upcoming music concerts and other events visit Cheapo Ticketing now.

The Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is a cultural spot, exhibiting the remains of various dinosaurs and Ice Age creatures and the largest gold nuggets. The museum changes its exhibits every now and then to keep you interested. It also has a theater and an amazing planetarium.

Denver Zoo

Extended over 80 acres, the Denver Zoo accommodates over 4000 wildlife creatures including kangaroos, tigers, orangutans, and many more. The authorities have created an artificial savannah for lions, hyenas, and African dogs. You can have fun with monkeys, watching them swing from tree to tree. They have also preserved critters and other aquatic animals.

Sports Authority Field at Mile High

The stadium was built in 1948 as a baseball stadium, but later became Denver’s biggest and most recommended football stadium; hence, the city is also a great spot for football enthusiasts. This stadium can accommodate up to 76,000 viewers at a time.


If you’re coming to vacation in Colorado, it is best to research your potential destinations; get to know the places well in advance and prepare yourself accordingly. Most people prefer Aspen for its Maroon Bells and skiing trails, while Denver has a better variety of recreational spots. Regardless of whichever destination you choose, make sure to choose Blue Sky Limo for your shuttle service from DIA to Aspen.