Things to Do in Breckenridge

Breckenridge is among the most attractive tourist spots in Colorado. It welcomes visitors from both within and outside the States. The town offers many amazing options to visitors who enjoy skiing and connecting with nature. Hiking, finding wildflowers, fly-fishing, boating, water rafting and mountain biking are just some of the adventures you can have in the summer and winter offers just as much if not more. The main road of the town is lined with historic buildings well worth visiting. The place has an unparalleled charm and beauty to it, you should definitely come visit!

Getting to Breckenridge

Getting to Breckenridge is easy if you’re flying into either Eagle County airport or Denver International Airport, but you will need to book your Breckenridge Airport Shuttle well in advance as these services to fill up rather quickly!

Things To Do In Breckenridge

Things to do in Breckenridge, where do we start? There is so much that the town has to offer, but these five landmarks you simply must see:

1. Relive History at Main Street

main st. breckenridge

Main Street, Breckenridge is famous for its historic charm, which it has maintained over the past 2 centuries. The buildings are authentic and serve as a reminder of the old Wild West. The street also houses over 200 shops that sell authentic local hand-crafted products. There are also several souvenir shops, food courts, and general merchandise stores in addition to many outfitters and ski equipment rentals. It’s a fun place to spend the afternoon.

2. Breckenridge Ski Resort – Have An Adventure

travel to Breckenridge from Denver

Located at 1599 Ski Hill Road, to the west of the Continental Divide, the Ski Resort is one of the main attractions of the town. It is one of the most visited ski resorts in the country and offers an adventurous stay. 31 lifts, four of which are six-seaters, let you access the ski terrain and the peaks of the park. The town hosts the daredevil winter Dew Tour every year, where internationally renowned athletes showcase their moves. If you’re a beginner, you can also take ski lessons from the world class instructors at the resort.

3. Visit the Boreas Pass

Things to Do in Breckenridge

Formerly named as the Breckenridge Pass, the Boreas pass is a historical pathway that runs along the Continental Divide. The pass was frequented by prospectors during Colorado’s gold rush but was later employed as a wagon and narrow-gauge railroad pass. Today, it exists as a scenic pathway where you can drive through and be mesmerized by the innate beauty of the Breckenridge County.

4. Peaks 9 & 8

Peak 9 is among the oldest peaks of Breckenridge’s ski park, the second oldest to be exact. The base area of the peak is a learner’s ground while upper levels are used but intermediate leveled skiers. The peak is in close vicinity to the famous peak 8, otherwise known as the Northern Chutes, and suited only for the most advanced skiers.

5. Blue River Recreational Path

Things to Do in Breckenridge

This pathway runs between Breckenridge and Frisco, passes through the Blue River, and connects with other rec paths too. The entire length of this pathway is paved and can be biked. The pathway also offers a nice view of the Ten mile mountain range and the River. You may also stop by the river for some fly-fishing, and continue the biking experience afterward.


Breckenridge is the ideal fun getaway for a family, a couple, or a group of friends. Take a break from your routine and have yourself an adventure in this beautiful Colorado town. The resort is ideal for people seeking to lose themselves in the beauty of nature and explore the local attractions. There’s something for everyone in Breckenridge, so let the adventure begin!