Camping in Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek Camping Options

Outdoor enthusiasts as well as passionate hikers and mountain bikers might be wondering if it is possible to camp in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Unfortunately, the direct answer to that question is NO – there is no camping allowed in Beaver Creek. Although the land is technically owned by the U.S. Forestry Service which does maintain thousands of campgrounds throughout the United States, the resort is operated by Vail Resorts, and for many obvious reasons they do not allow camping on their operated land.

camping in Beaver Creek, Colorado
Primitive campground near Beaver Creek

Having said that, fear not. All is not lost. You can still camp nearby Beaver Creek, in some picture-perfect locations. Beaver Creek (and Vail) will be a short drive away, so you can enjoy all the many wonderful activities and sites of those locations by day, and head back to your camp site for the evening.

Many people do just that during the offseason months (roughly May – October) and get to enjoy Beaver Creak and the Vail Valley while staying in gorgeous and well-maintained camp sites. There are plenty of fun things to do in Beaver Creek, regardless of the season. For some more tips – be sure to check out our helpful guide:

Campgrounds Near Beaver Creek, Colorado

Gore Creek Campground:

Open Dates 06/05 – 10/04
Camp sites:
16 back-in sites, 8 walk-in camp sites

*Some sites are first come first-served, some may be reserved in advance..

Piney Lake/Red Sandstone Road:

Along the drive up to Piney Lake Ranch there are plenty of 1st come 1st served U.S. Forestry service primitive camp spots. You won’t find toilet facilities or running water here, but if you’re ready to really camp put in nature, this is as perfect as it gets.

These are the closest camping options to Beaver Creek. While you will have to drive some distance to enjoy Beaver Creek during the day and come back to the camp spot for the evening, it’s a small price to pay to stay in such a beautiful scenic location.

When is the best month to go camping in Beaver Creek?

As explained, while there is no camping directly in the resort of Beaver Creek, if you choose to stay in one of the nearby campgrounds, the best time to travel from Denver to Beaver Creek would be during the Summer months of June – August, and possibly September/October if you are prepared to bring many extra layers of clothing and beading as temperatures in Beaver Creek drop very quickly in early fall during the night.

April and May are still typically very cold at the altitude of Beaver Creek. There might even still be plenty of snow laying around. Most of the campsites will not even be open for visitors.

Early June can still be very chilly, it is only late June and going into July and August that weather conditions are perfect for going camping around Beaver Creek. The days are sunny, and temperatures are warm to hot, but camping in the forested campgrounds provides plenty of shade to keep comfortable. At night temperatures do drop, but the summer months are very comfortable for sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag.

Fall is incredibly beautiful in Beaver Creek, and the changing of the leaves is a site to behold. Most of the campgrounds around Beaver Creek are open till about mid-October, but be warned it starts to get very very cold at night. Bring lots of clothing and bedding and possibly portable heaters to stay comfortable and safe!

Can you camp at Beaver Creek during the off season?

Camping in campgrounds in proximity to Beaver Creek is only possible during the summer and early Fall. Depending on your definition of “off season”; these months can be considered off season, simply because this is outside the ski/snowboarding season.

During the peak ski/snowboarding Winter months not only are the campgrounds closed, but you would be rather foolish to attempt to camp during such cold weather. RV’s are for the most part not able to make the drive into the remote campgrounds around Beaver Creek.

So yes, you could say that camping at Beaver Creek is in fact ONLY allowed during the “off season”

Is there a place to sit and warm up at Beaver Creek Ski Resort?

sit and warm up at Beaver Creek Ski Resort
Beaver Creek Fire Pit

Ohh yes, there are several fire pits open to the public around the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. The largest and most impressive is provided by the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. This large space has grand firepits with plenty of seating and even blankets provided for patrons.

You don’t need to be staying at the Park Hyatt, but you should probably order something from the staff to feel welcome.

Do you have to stay overnight in Beaver Creek Co in order to get in?

You do not need to stay overnight at Beaver Creek CO in order to get into the resort. The resort is open for all members of the public, even if they are not staying at the resort, and even of they do not have ski passes.

Beaver Creek has plenty of shopping and dining and hiking options for all visitors. Staying on the grounds of the resort is completely optional and is in no way a requirement for visiting or enjoying the resort.

Is I70 open to Beaver Creek on August 18?

I70 open to Beaver Creek

Yes, I70 is open on August 18th every year. The only times when I70 might potentially be closed are during extreme Winter weather storms, when occasionally highway patrol will temporarily close the Vail pass (just outside Beaver Creek/Vail). These closures typically last less than 12 hours to allow the storm to pass and snowplows to clear the road.

During the summer months (including August 18th) I70 remains open continuously. Recently wild forest fires have caused disruptions, and this is a potential scenario for future years, but as of now I70 is open on August 18th.

Avon/Beaver Creek Transportation

If you’re interested in coming out to Avon/Beaver Creek for camping or any other outdoor activities, please research your Beaver Creek/Avon transportation options well in advance.

There are many transportation services available both to get to Avon/Beaver Creek and also once there.

Avon and Beaver Creek Transportation Services

What time does Beaver Creek outside service close today?

  • During the Peak Season Winter and Summer Months, outside services in Beaver Creek close at 6pm
  • Outside services include the resort ticket offices for purchasing ski tickets and gondola tickets.
  • Ticket offices operate from 7am – 6pm during the peak season.
  • Most restaurant in Beaver Creek close at 9pm.
  • Resort shuttle services stop operating at 10pm.

Resources for Camping at Beaver Creek:

Blue Sky Limo – Beaver Creek Airport Car Service
111 W Beaver Creek Blvd #1404
Beaver Creek, CO 81620
(970) 432-0414
Aspen Airport Shuttle SUV