Denver Colorado is the major commercial and cultural center of the State of Colorado. It is also the state capital and the largest city by population and ethnic diversity.

Denver Transportation options

As a central transportation hub of Colorado, it is no surprise that Denver has a very well-developed transportation infrastructure network.

Denver is the starting point to any Colorado vacation. Whether the purpose of the visit is to check out Rocky Mountain National Park, or the cool city of Boulder or head out into the luxury ski resort towns of Beaver Creek or Aspen, the starting point of the journey is going to be Denver.

As such, it is important to understand the myriad of transportation options available to travelers visiting Denver for the first time.

The Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD)

The Denver Regional Transportation District provides convenient bus and rail transportation to residents and visitors of the Denver Metro area. The network consists of more than 170 bus routes, 12 rail lines, and lots of specialty services, making trips around the Denver area convenient and affordable.

Denver RTD Train System

You can find the central RTD Office Located here:
Regional Transportation District
1660 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

Denver RTD Fares

Using the RTD system is very straight forward. There are 4 different ways to purchase tickets

The Day Pass

This pass provides unlimited rides on all busses and trains for 1 full day, for the same price of a single round trip fare. These passes can be purchased on any bus or RTD vending machine, or by using the RTD mobile app.


The myride system offers the most flexibility and ease of use. Customers simply attach their payment cards to a mobile app, and anytime they use any route within the RTD network, they simply tap a button on the app, or use their phones NFC payment system to pay the lowest cost fare for the distance traveled.

3-HOURS Cash Pass

Customers wishing to pay cash for their journey can do so (exact change only) by paying the conductor or driver in cash when they board the train or bus. A 3 hour cash pass will be issued on the spot, good for exactly 3hours from the moment it prints. This pass can be used on any RTD bus or train for the next 3 hours only.

Passes & Ticket Books

Travelers can save themselves considerable money by pre purchasing 10-pack tickets or monthly passes ahead of time. These passes can be bought at RTD vending machines throughout Denver, or at most King Soopers and Safeway locations.

Airport Rail

The newly launched Airport Rail System (opened April 22, 2016) makes commuting from Denver International Airport (DIA) to downtown Denver (Union Station) an absolute breeze. Travelers no longer need to worry about rush hour traffic, waiting for limo drivers or trying to hail a cab or call an Uber when traveling to downtown Denver.

For only $10.50 (oneway) arrivals to DIA can use the Airport Rail Line; technically the University of Colorado A Line but A-line for short. There are 6 stops on the journey, and the trip takes 37 minutes to complete the 23-mile journey. This transfer service has proven to be very popular over the last several years, and has prompted discussion of building more mass transit networks in Colorado, perhaps even service connecting Denver to the Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts.

Denver Transportation to the Rocky Mountain

The ski and snowboard industry is one of the biggest draws of tourism for the state of Colorado. Travelers from all over the world visit Denver on their way to luxury resort towns such as Aspen and Beaver Creek. As such, the government has made considerable investment into developing convenient transit routes to get ski enthusiast to their resorts quickly and effectively.

Denver to Beaver Creek Transportation

denver to beaver creek transportation services
Denver to Beaver creek co

One of the most popular luxury resorts in the Rocky mountains is Beaver Creek, Colorado. Transportation options to Beaver Creek are slightly limited however, in that this resort is slightly out of the way of many of the other transit methods available to other ski villages.

Travelers wishing to commute to Beaver Creek from Denver International Airport are advised that the fastest and most convenient transportation option for them is to use a private car service from the airport going to Beaver Creek.

Private Car services will allow for up to 7 passengers and accommodate large cargo space which is critical for ski and equipment transport.

Please visit: to arrange Denver to Beaver Creek transportation this Winter.

Winter Park Express Ski Train

Talk about convenience. Not only can visitors to Colorado take the Airport Rail to Union Station, from there they can also take the Ski Train directly to Winter Park! This train only operates during the winter months and is highly recommended those wanting to ski Winter Park, and avoid all the Denver and I70 Traffic while heading out that way.

Please see: for more info about the ski train and the prices and schedules.

Busses to the Rocky Mountain Resort Towns

Denver bus systems to the Rocky Mountains

A recent program called Bustang, has been launched by the Colorado Department of Transportation to transport sports enthusiast by bus to the ski resort areas. This fleet of distinctive purple busses goes along I70 stopping at all the major resort towns including Frisco, Vail, Beaver Creek and Glenwood Springs. The luxury busses are equipped with Wifi and lavatories. In the summer months bike racks are also made available.

The cool thing about these bus rides is that they provide onboard guided tours about the history of some of these resort towns. You could for instance learn all about the history of Beaver Creek or Aspen while you are on one of these busses.

For Fares and Routes please visit:

Denver Connections

Denver, Colorado has an incredibly vast and convenient transportation network servicing its almost 3 million residents. Thousands of visitors flock to Denver every year, and make use of the transit systems. Getting from Denver to Beaver Creek or any other popular Rocky Mountain destination is made easy by using Denver’s massive network of trains, busses and private car services.

The next time your travels take you into the Mile High City and en route to Beaver Creek, be sure to check all the available transportation options to get you from Denver to Beaver Creek quickly and conveniently.

Denver to Beaver Creek Transportation Resources: