Ultimate Guide to Driving to Beaver Creek

If you’re considering a trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado, whether you’re an experienced skier, an outdoor enthusiast, or just looking for a beautiful mountain retreat, the journey to this exceptional resort by car is an adventure in itself. At Blue Sky Limo, we’ve made thousands of trips to and from Beaver Creek, so you can rely on our comprehensive guide that includes stunning scenic drives, multiple route options, and insider tips to help you easily navigate your way to Beaver Creek.

how to get to beaver creek by car

Why Drive to Beaver Creek?

Driving to Beaver Creek can provide you with the ultimate flexibility and freedom to discover the stunning Colorado Rockies at your own pace, stop at picturesque mountain towns, and admire the awe-inspiring views along the way. Moreover, having your own vehicle ensures that you will have lots of options to explore all the surrounding areas once you arrive at this resort.

Getting to Beaver Creek by Car

Before we dive into the detailed route descriptions, here’s a handy reference table with the distances and estimated drive times from various starting points to Beaver Creek:

Starting PointDistance to Beaver CreekEstimated Drive Time
Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE)28 miles30-40 minutes
Denver International Airport (DEN)120 miles2-2.5 hours
Denver, CO120 miles2-2.5 hours
Colorado Springs, CO150 miles2.5-3 hours
Grand Junction, CO150 miles2.5-3 hours
Cheyenne, WY200 miles3.5-4 hours

Keep in mind that these are estimated drive times in good weather conditions. During winter months or peak travel seasons, it’s wise to allow extra time for potential delays.

Driving from Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE)

If you’re flying into Eagle County Regional Airport, you’re in for a treat. Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) is the closest airport to Beaver Creek, just 28 miles away. This convenient location makes for a short and straightforward drive to the resort. The small, easy-to-navigate airport offers stunning views right from the tarmac. As you exit the airport, you’ll merge onto I-70 East for a short 10-mile drive to Avon.

Along the way, you’ll catch glimpses of the Eagle River and the surrounding peaks. In Avon, you’ll navigate a series of roundabouts before turning onto U.S. Highway 6 East, which leads directly to Beaver Creek Resort.

Driving from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek map and directions
Driving from Eagle Airport to Beaver Creek map and directions

Route Description:

  1. Exit the airport and merge onto I-70 East
  2. Continue on I-70 East for approximately 22 minutes
  3. Take exit 167 for Avon
  4. At the bottom of the exit ramp, take a right at the roundabout, heading south.
  5. Proceed straight through three more roundabouts
  6. Look for the entrance to Beaver Creek on your right
Book Your Flights in Advance

Flying into Eagle is very convenient. The airport is small and easy, and you can be in Beaver Creek in no time at all. Just be aware that flights can be pricey and sometimes limited, especially during peak season – so be sure to book well in advance!

Driving from Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport (DEN) is a major transportation hub, offering many flight options. The drive from DEN to Beaver Creek is a scenic journey through the heart of the Colorado Rockies.

The drive from Denver to Beaver Creek by car is a scenic journey through the Rocky Mountains. As you merge onto I-70 West, you’ll pass through the suburbs of Denver before the landscape opens up to sweeping mountain vistas. About 30 miles into your journey, you’ll reach Idaho Springs, a historic mining town known for its hot springs and the Argo Gold Mine and Mill tour.

Continuing on I-70, you will be passing through the Eisenhower Tunnel, the highest point on the Interstate Highway System at 11,158 feet. As you exit the tunnel, you’ll be greeted by stunning views of the Continental Divide.

The town of Silverthorne, about 97 miles from Denver, is a popular stop for outlet shopping and grabbing a bite to eat. From here, it’s a picturesque drive along the Eagle River to Avon and Beaver Creek.

Driving from Denver International Airport to Beaver Creek Map and Directions
Driving from Denver International Airport to Beaver Creek Map and Directions

Route Description:

  1. Exit the airport and follow signs for I-70 West
  2. Merge onto I-70 West and continue for approximately 120 miles
  3. Take exit 167 for Avon
  4. Enter the roundabout and take the second exit, heading south
  5. Continue straight through four more roundabouts
  6. The entrance to Beaver Creek will be on your right
Be Prepared for Winter Weather

Make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter driving conditions, especially when traveling during the colder months. Consider renting a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicle with good winter tires. The weather can change quickly in the mountains, and you want to be prepared.

Driving from Colorado Springs, Colorado

The drive from Colorado Springs to Beaver Creek takes you through some stunning Rocky Mountain scenery. As you head west on US-24, you’ll pass through the historic mining towns of Woodland Park and Divide before reaching Fairplay.

From Fairplay, you’ll turn onto CO Highway 9 North, which offers breathtaking views of the Mosquito Range and the Continental Divide. You’ll cross Hoosier Pass, the highest mountain pass in Colorado that stays open year-round, before descending into the ski town of Breckenridge.

In Frisco, you’ll merge onto I-70 West for the final leg of your journey to Beaver Creek.

Driving from Colorado Springs to Beaver Creek Map and Directions
Driving from Colorado Springs to Beaver Creek Map and Directions

Route Description:

  1. Take US-24 West for approximately 65 miles
  2. Turn right onto CO Highway 9, traveling north through Fairplay and Alma over Hoosier Pass
  3. CO Highway 9 becomes Main Street in Breckenridge
  4. Follow Main Street north through the roundabout, continuing on Highway 9 to Frisco
  5. From Frisco, take I-70 West and follow the directions above from Denver International Airport
Stop by Breckenridge

The drive from Colorado Springs is absolutely gorgeous, but it can be a bit harrowing in the winter. Make sure you have a reliable vehicle and take it slow on the mountain passes. And definitely stop in Breckenridge for a stroll down Main Street – it’s very charming!

Driving from Grand Junction, Colorado

If you’re driving to Beaver Creek from the west, the route from Grand Junction is a scenic journey through Colorado’s Western Slope. As you head east on I-70, you’ll pass through the towns of Rifle and Glenwood Springs, both famous for their hot springs and outdoor activities. After Glenwood Springs, you’ll enter Glenwood Canyon, a breathtaking natural wonder, and the interstate passing through it is a remarkable feat of modern engineering.

Around 90 miles into your journey, you’ll reach the Vail Valley, home to the world-class ski resorts of Vail and Beaver Creek. The final stretch of the drive takes you through the charming towns of Edwards and Avon before you arrive at Beaver Creek Resort.

Driving from Grand Junction to Beaver Creek map and directions
Driving from Grand Junction to Beaver Creek map and directions

Route Description:

  1. Take I-70 East for about 110 miles
  2. Take exit 167 for Avon
  3. Enter the roundabout and take the second exit, heading south
  4. Continue straight through four more roundabouts
  5. The entrance to Beaver Creek will be on your right
Check Out the Hot Springs

The drive from Grand Junction is pretty straightforward, but be prepared for some winding mountain roads. Make sure to stop in Glenwood Springs for a soak in the hot springs – it’s the perfect way to relax before hitting the slopes!

Driving from Cheyenne, Wyoming

The drive from Wyoming to Beaver Creek takes you through some of Colorado’s most scenic areas. As you head south on I-25 from Wyoming, you’ll pass through the college town of Fort Collins and the state capital of Denver.

After merging onto I-70 West in Denver, you’ll ascend into the Rocky Mountains, passing ski towns like Winter Park and Breckenridge. Be sure to stop at the Dillon Reservoir overlook for a stunning view of the lake and surrounding peaks.

Driving from Cheyenne to Beaver Creek Map and Directions
Driving from Cheyenne to Beaver Creek Map and Directions

Route Description:

  1. Take I-25 South to Denver
  2. In Denver, merge onto I-70 West
  3. Take exit 167 for Avon
  4. Enter the roundabout and take the second exit, heading south
  5. Continue straight through four more roundabouts
  6. The entrance to Beaver Creek will be on your right
Take Plenty of Breaks

The drive from Wyoming can be long, but it’s so worth it. Give yourself plenty of time and take breaks along the way. And definitely stop in Frisco for a bite at the Butterhorn Bakery & Cafe – their breakfast is amazing.

Essential Tips for Driving to Beaver Creek

No matter which route you take, keep these tips in mind for a safe and enjoyable drive:

  • Check road conditions before you depart, especially during winter months. Visit cotrip.org for up-to-date Colorado road conditions.
  • Be prepared for altitude changes. Beaver Creek Village is located at 8,100 feet above sea level. Stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, and give yourself time to acclimate.
  • Familiarize yourself with Colorado’s traction laws, which often affect I-70 during winter. Carry tire chains and know how to use them.
  • Take advantage of the scenic stops and charming mountain towns along your route. They offer a perfect opportunity to stretch, refuel, and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Arriving in Beaver Creek

As you reach your destination, you’ll be greeted by the stunning beauty of Beaver Creek Resort. With its world-class skiing, luxurious accommodations, and endless outdoor activities, Beaver Creek promises an unforgettable mountain experience.

Remember, you may not need your car once you arrive in the village. The free village shuttle and the resort’s convenient layout make getting around without a vehicle easy.

Now that you’ve armed yourself with this comprehensive guide to driving to Beaver Creek, you’re ready to embark on your Rocky Mountain adventure. So buckle up, enjoy the scenic drive, and get ready to make unforgettable memories in this beautiful mountain paradise.

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Don’t Feel Like Driving to Beaver Creek?

If navigating mountain roads and winter driving conditions sounds daunting, consider booking a luxury private Colorado airport shuttle service for your transfer to Beaver Creek. Blue Sky Limo specializes in airport transfers from Eagle County Regional Airport and Denver International Airport to Beaver Creek.

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