Making your Drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado Fun

If you’re planning a trip to Aspen, you must realize that the closest airport is actually Eagle, and not Denver. Depending on your flight time, you might not be in the mood to rent a car and drive yourself all the way to Aspen (plus rental are very limited in Eagle anyway) So if you want to save your strength, and maybe actually enjoy the trip getting to Aspen, then you might consider getting yourself a premium car shuttle service to take you and your family from Eagle to Aspen. There are quite a few fun attractions along the way to stop and enjoy on your journey to Aspen, so we’ve put together this helpful little guide for you.

Total Distance

The total distance between Eagle Regional Airport and Aspen, Colorado is 68 miles / 109 km. However, the exact figure depends on your spot in Aspen.

Total Drive Time

To get from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, it takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Again, the additional time depends on your exact location in Aspen.

Some Suggested Stopping Points

As you start your journey from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, there’s a lot of natural aesthetics to take in and many adventures to live. We found some of the most exciting stopping points for you:

1.      Sylvan Lake State Park

Making your Drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado Fun

Sylvan Lake State Park is a national park where you can engage in a lot of fun activities such as hiking, camping and boating. It has the most fantastic scenery which will let you relax your eyes, mind and body. You’ll never find this place crowded, which makes it a perfect stopping point to freshen yourself. You can have a slow walk along the trails or maybe, eat something? The drive is beautiful here too.

2.      Triangle Peak

Making your Drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado Fun

If you are a mountain-admirer, Triangle Peak seems to be the fantastic stopping point for you. From here, you can have breathtaking views of the Aspen valley. This place is less likely to have people around. Being a top of the mountain, you’ll most probably be yourself here.

However, I know that the trail is a difficult one. For mountain climbers and hikers, it might not end up as a big deal.

3.      The Town of Carbondale

Making your Drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado Fun

Carbondale is just a 30 mile drive to Aspen and located in Colorado’s central Rocky Mountains. It offers a lot of activities and fun things to do around. From mountains to trees and waterfalls, there’s nothing that this place does not provide.

This town has some great hotspots, including its national park, Alamosa, San Luis Valley, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and Denver Arts Museum. If you are lucky enough, you might get there while an arts and craft festival like The Cherry Creek Arts Festival or Crafts Festival is happening. There are also some performing arts centers such as Colorado Symphony Orchestra, the Colorado Ballet etc. Soothing music and dance always help.

Moreover, there are several water sports facilities too. You can go kayaking or tubing in Montrose Water Sports Park. Also, there are aquariums, zoos, hot air ballooning and archaeological sites. Carbondale town is home to a variety of enthralling activities and attractions. You’ll also find tons of cozy places to stop by and have tea or coffee. While Colorado is a place for fulfilled family vacations, stopping by on your way from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen can be a great idea. You might decide where you want to come back for holidays right away.

4.      Glenwood Springs

Making your Drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen, Colorado Fun

Glenwood Springs is another town you’ll find in the way. It’s bigger and prettier than Carbondale town and excellently hosts its visitors. It offers a bunch of opportunities to avail, no matter which season you are visiting.

Any day of the 365 days of a year, you’ll have something to do in Glenwood Springs. You can go kayaking or rafting through Glenwood Canyon, which is a lake that provides scenic views of the skies and mountains. There’s a Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon that has all the mesmerizing sights to see, which is best observed in summers and autumns.

Glenwood Springs is known for its hot springs. You can enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath in the pool or in the Yampah Spa, which is a vapor cave. With a natural steam sauna, you are going to experience the most beautiful time of your life. Glenwood Springs also has an amusement park which is the only mountain-top amusement park in the U.S. The Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Springs Adventure Park and the view it offers is a sight to behold.

If visiting during the winters, snowboarding and skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort is the most adventurous thing to do in Glenwood Springs. You can enjoy some snowmobile tours as well. Also, Glenwood Springs comes with several dining and entertainment spots. From supper clubs to piano bars, you can eat what you want and listen to some live music. So stop by, have a dose of entertainment and continue your journey to Aspen.

How to get there?

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Final Thoughts

Your drive from Eagle Regional Airport to Aspen can be full of fun and entertainment. Also, it can be very relaxing because of the beautiful mountainous sights you see along the way. Aspen Valley is a fantastic destination to visit, but what you come across during the journey can be most memorable. With an excellent shuttle service like Blue Sky Limo, you’ll have added fun!