Planning A Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

Planning A Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

Planning a ski vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado is exciting. Most people can’t wait to hit the slopes as soon as they get to their resort. To make sure that your trip is as fun as possible, it’s important to plan it before you go. 

Pack Sunscreen

When going away to a ski resort, most people don’t think to pack their sunscreen. However, this is important to remember. Breckenridge, Colorado has a higher altitude than most other places. That means you are closer to the sun. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can still get burnt if you’re outside all day. Make sure to pack adequate protection, including sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Learn About Altitude Sickness

Those that are traveling to Breckenridge, Colorado from an extremely low altitude may take some time to adjust. Some people feel no side effects from this. Other people get extremely sick and experience dizziness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, and more that simply ruins the vacation. 

If you start to feel sick, a great option is to head over to the Oxygen Bar. This bar gives you 90% oxygen to keep your oxygen levels higher so that you can either avoid sickness all together or recover quicker from mountain sickness. There are drinks available for purchase, such as hot tea, smoothies, and hot chocolate. Customers can also enjoy free wi-fi. 


Planning transportation from the airport to the resort or hotel is important. This guarantees that the family will not be stuck waiting on their ride to arrive, or, even worse, waiting on a taxi to become available. Denver airport is known for being busy, so it will take a while to find a ride if you have not secured transportation. 

Here at Blue Sky Limo, we offer airport car services to Breckenridge, Colorado. Our SUVs are fully equipped with entertainment systems for the kids. Seven passenger SUVs guarantee that everyone has plenty of room. Our drivers are experienced and known for being on time. 

Ski Resorts

Skiing in Breckenridge | Planning A Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

There are a several different ski resorts to choose from in the Silverthorne/Dillon area. Keystone, Breckenridge and Copper Mountain are all just a stone’s throw away from each other. Breckenridge is the dream resort you want to come to though…. it’s really like nothing else on Earth.

This ski resort is always a favorite! It features restaurants and bars for eating out and kitchenware in the log cabins for those that would like a home-cooked meal. Some cabins offer breathtaking views of the mountains for a relaxing evening. When you’re done on the slopes, you can kick back in one of the hot tubs or by the fireplace to get warm again. People always appreciate the friendly staff and a family-friendly environment. 

One Ski Hill Place

one hill ski place | Planning A Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

For a vacation of luxury, One Ski Hill Place is what you’re looking for. This luxury hotel within the resort is known for its upscale appearance and amenities. The appearance of this resort is enough to impress. Personal touches scattered throughout bring a taste of home to this modern resort. After a long day on the slopes, relax at the Rejuvenation Spa. Then, enjoy a night of bowling with the family at the bowling alley. 

Top Activities in Breckenridge, Colorado

While most people come to Breckenridge to ski, there are plenty of people that are not a fan of the slopes that still enjoy the area. Whether you’re stuck on a family trip and do not like to ski or just looking for diverse things to do, these things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado will guarantee that you have a good time.

Dog Sledding

dog sledding in Breckenridge | Planning A Ski Vacation to Breckenridge

If you want to see the beautiful countryside without having to struggle with a pair of skis, mush a team through the snow to enjoy the most beautiful views! A team will provide you with assistance. If you’re a dog lover, you do get a chance to pet the dogs and interact with them before heading out. 


Snowmobiles are the perfect idea for anyone that does not want to go dog sledding but wants to rip through the snow faster than walking will provide. Enjoy the breathtaking views. Stop to take pictures to send back home. Then, continue to follow your guide to make sure that you see everything there is to see on a snowmobile tour. 

Put On Your Ice Skates

In tradition with winter fun, grab your ice skates or rent a pair and head over to the Stephen West Ice Arena. Watch the locals enjoy a game of ice hockey. If you’re feeling confident, inquire about joining a game yourself. There are also open arena times for those that would like to ice skate. 

Fat Biking

Breckenridge, Colorado is one of the top places in the country for fat biking. Fat biking is exactly what it sounds like: riding a bike with fat tires. The large tires keep the bike on top of the snow so that you can easily ride along without sinking or having to go through the snow. There are fat bikes for rent, and fat biking tours to enjoy. If you’re looking for things to do in Breckenridge, Colorado, this is a must. 

Snow Sculpture Championship

If your heading to Breckenridge, Colorado in the month of January, double-check the calendar to make sure that you’re there during the Snow Sculpture Championship. This takes place every year during January. If you are vacationing at the same time, head down to the area surrounding the Riverwalk Center. People spend hours upon hours creating massive snow sculptures in an attempt to become the champion. Watching them work is fascinating. Seeing their finished works of art is even more amazing. 

Make Your Own Wine

Make a reservation and head over to Continental Divide Winery for a once in a lifetime experience of creating your own wine. They provide some of their most delicious wines. Then, you can mix them to create a custom flavor. If you take you a while to perfect your wine, don’t worry. These reservations usually last a couple of hours. Then, you can bring home a small bottle or an entire case! 

Final Thoughts in Planning Your Breckenridge Vacation

Plan your vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado from start to finish to make sure that you have an amazing time. Don’t forget your packing list, your transportation reservations, and to take a break from skiing to enjoy everything that Breckenridge has to offer. If you’re looking for the Best hotels in Breckenridge, be sure to also check out our full guide to Breckenridge hotels here:

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