Eagle/Vail Regional Airport (EGE) – Vail Airport Colorado

Vail Colorado is home to Vail Colorado Regional Airport aka Eagle County Airport (EGE), which is a convenient travel option for those looking to ski at one of the many resorts in the area. The airport first opened in 1963 and has since undergone several expansion projects. Today, the airport offers flights to and from Denver as well as many other major domestic cities, making it a popular choice for skiers and snowboarders looking to hit the slopes.

Vail Colorado Airport

Vail has access to two airports. Vail Colorado Airport aka Eagle County Airport (EGE) is located 30 miles west of Vail (around a 40-minute drive). The distance between Vail and Denver International Airport (DIA) is 120 miles (around a two-hour drive). Both airports offer non – stop service to and from major domestic destinations. Flight times vary throughout the year due to increased demand for travel during the busier summer and winter months.

Eagle-Vail Regional Airport (EGE) is becoming a more popular option for Vail-bound tourists than Denver International Airport (DIA). Vail’s Eagle Airport is only about a 40-minute drive from Vail, making the journey considerably more comfortable and convenient. If you’ve just gotten off a lengthy flight into Colorado, the last thing you want to do is spend another two-and-a-half hours in a car, even if the scenery outside is breathtaking. Vail Airport’s lack of flights and carriers may have been a major barrier to travelling there until recently, but that barrier is gradually disappearing.

Airports Near Vail

Two major airports service Vail: Denver International Airport and Eagle County Airport (also know as Vail Airport). Denver International Airport is the largest airport in Colorado, and it offers many passenger amenities including a variety of restaurants, shopping opportunities, and a children’s play area. Eagle County Airport is a smaller airport, but it offers many of the same amenities as Denver International as well as convenient access to the town of Vail and the other nearby Rocky Mountain resort towns.

Airport Code for Vail Colorado

The airport code for Vail Colorado is EGE. This airport is located in Eagle County and is the closest airport to Vail. It is a small regional airport that serves Vail, Beaver Creek, Aspen and Breckenridge.

Arial View of Eagle Vail Airport
Arial View of Eagle Vail Airport

EGE Vail Airport Map & Location

Vail Regional Airport (EGE) may be found immediately off Highway 6, which is located just south of Interstate 70 and travels in a parallel direction from Eagle to Gypsum. It is located 37 miles away from Vail and only 4 miles from Eagle. The single runway at the airport has a total area of 632 acres (256 ha). Facilities for processing customs clearance for private aircraft are available at the airport and are housed within the Vail Valley Jet Center. Vail Airport is among Colorado’s busiest airports. The airport is frequently used by both private jets and commercial airlines, whose itineraries vary seasonally.

History of Vail County Airport

Vail's Original Landing Strip Used By Barnstormers in 1911
Vail’s Original Landing Strip Used By Barnstormers in 1911

Originally built as an emergency landing strip back in the 1930’s for flights operating between Denver and Los Angeles, EGE became a fully functioning airport in 1947. It has just one runway/landing strip and operates at an altitude of 6,547 ft / 1,996 m. On September 14, 1947, Vail County Airport was given its official dedication and opened for business. This date is significant because it represents the beginning of the transformation of what was once a little local airstrip used for recreational purposes into a contemporary airport that is currently the second busiest airport in Colorado and is expected to continue to expand.

There are a total of 632 acres that make up Eagle/Vail County Regional Airport (EGE). It can be found inside the boundaries of Eagle County. It can be found in a rural part of Eagle County that is not a part of any municipality. The distance between the airport and Denver, which is the state capital of Colorado, is approximately 220 kilometers (136 miles).

Eagle County maintains both control and ownership of the airport which also serves as the base of the Eagle County Air Terminal Corporation, which is a not-for-profit organization that is controlled and operated by Eagle County. This municipal entity is authorized to issue bonds in order to finance the operations and developments of the airport. This corporation is in charge of the passenger terminal that is commercially operated, and it also owns and operates the terminal under its control.

Flying into Vail, Colorado

Flying into the Vail airport is much more convenient and quicker than flying into the Denver airport. Vail airport is much smaller, which makes it less congested and quicker to get through security. The drive from Vail airport to the ski resorts is also much quicker than the drive from the Denver International. The only reason more people are not flying directly into Vail is simply because Vail Airport has far fewer direct flight and airline options, but as the airport grows, that is quickly changing. More carriers are expanding their services to Vail Airport every year. Onward transfers into the town of Vail are convenient through use of several locally operated Vail airport shuttle providers.

Eagle/Vail Airport Colorado Flight Map

Weather Patterns

The Airport in Vail is considered to be one of the most extreme in the world, coming in on a History Channel episode ranking such airports at #8. The episode aired back in 2010. The reason for this designation is a combination of the altitude, short runway, high wind factor and frequent adverse weather conditions. Needless to say, Vail Regional Airport (Eagle) is not for the faint-of-heart or those scared to fly. Having said that, there has only ever been one accident at EGE, and that was back in 2005 when a private jet flying from Aspen to Eagle Vail failed to approach at the designated altitude.

Flying into Eagle/Vail Colorado Airport During The Winter

This along with a rather narrow runway, makes landing and taking off from Vail challenging, but recent upgrades have made the airport no more challenging than any other location. For those who don’t mind a little excitement in their travel plans, the Vail Airport can certainly offer some unique features and advantages. The high elevation gives passengers stunning views of the Rockies, and the on-site ski resort can provide a fun diversion for travelers looking to fill some time with some world-class skiing. Additionally, the airport is well-connected to local transportation options, making it easy to get around once you’ve landed.

Vail Airport Updated Wind & Weather Forecasts

Airlines Operating out of Vail County Airport

American Airlines flies nonstop service between Philadelphia (PHL) and Vail Airport. Other airlines have increased both the number of cities from which they conduct direct flights to Vail and the number of flights they offer. Currently, only Denver (DIA) and Dallas/Fort Worth offer year-round service to Vail, but more offerings are becoming available during the summer, which is also growing in popularity each year. During the busy Winter season, there are now three major domestic airlines (United, Delta, and American) coming in from thirteen cities, making access to Vail and the other resort areas in the Valley more convenient than ever.

United Airlines Flights for Colorado Airports

Vail Flight Schedules

With the notable exception of DIA and DFW, which operate multiple flights per day, and Chicago (ORD) and Los Angeles (LAX), which have daily flights during the Winter, the remaining connecting cities operate only a handful of flights per month.

Destinations Serviced

Vail Airport Runway
Vail Airport Runway

During the winter months, American, Delta, and United offer non-stop service between Vail Regional Airport and fourteen major domestic destinations, including:

American Airlines also offers nonstop service between Vail and Dallas/Fort Worth during the summer. In December 2022 American Airlines is scheduled to offer direct service from Austin, TX to Vail Airport. United Airlines provides daily service between Denver International and Vail year round.

direct service from Austin, TX to Vail Airport

EGE Airport Logistics – Getting to Your Vail Destination

There are several ways to get from the airport to Vail, but the most popular options are Vail Airport Shuttle Service or ground transfer. Car service is the most convenient option, as it will pick you up directly from the airport and take you to your destination in Vail. Ground transfer is a cheaper option, but it may take longer as you will need to take a bus or shuttle from the airport to your final destination. The drive time from the airport to Vail is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, so plan accordingly if you are taking public transportation.

Vail Airport Terminal Facilities

vail colorado eagle terminal building at the airport

Vail Airport provides excellent terminal facilities for its customers. These include TSA security checkpoints, baggage claim, an information desk, and crew members who are available to assist passengers with ground transfers. The advantages of these features are that they provide a safe and secure environment for passengers traveling through the airport, they help to ensure that baggage arrives at the correct destination, and they provide assistance with ground transfers for passengers. The airport’s modern design and amenities provide a pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Terminal Facilities Expansion of 2019

The Vail Eagle County Airport terminal expansion project began on Tuesday, April 10, 2018, with a groundbreaking ceremony. Expanded holding areas, a redesigned TSA screening area, new and improved restaurants, and loading bridges for passenger jets at four of six new gates are just some of the highlights of the $20 million renovation which debuted in November 2019. Airport earnings, totaling $33 million, covered the whole cost of the restoration, rather than public funds. For enhanced passenger service, new gates were built to the terminal’s departure/arrival area as part of the project.

2018 Vail/Eagle Airport Terminal Expansion

Private Jet Service with the Vail Valley Jet Center (VVJC)

The Vail Valley Jet Center offers private jet flights to and from the Vail Valley, Colorado. These flights are the quickest and most luxurious way to travel to Vail. The jet center offers a variety of aircraft options, so customers can find the perfect one for their needs. The jets are spacious and have all the amenities passengers need, including Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and gourmet food.

The Vail Valley Jet Center is known for having some of the best private jet service in the country. In the lobby of the VVJC, there are a range of business services provided, a concierge who can help you with any last-minute travel needs or reservations, and a full range of refreshments.  In addition, there’s also a full-service restaurant on site with a beautiful view of the mountains, and free exercise bikes are available so you can eat and work out until your next flight. The terminal at the Vail Valley Jet Center gives a whole new meaning to the word “luxury” in Colorado.

Vail Valley Jet Center
Vail Valley Jet Center

Vail Airport Transportation

Making Vail airport transportation arrangements at Vail Airport in Eagle well in advance is important because doing so can save time and money. If you’re stuck without a ride, you might have to pay more, and wait longer to get to your destination. When you make your arrangements ahead of time, you can be sure that you’ll have a ride waiting for you when you arrive in Vail. This will help you avoid any stress or inconvenience and allow you to enjoy your Vail vacation with peace of mind.

Going From Vail Airport to Your Hotel

The Sebastian Vail Hotel
The Sebastian Vail Hotel

There are several ground transportation options available at Vail Regional/Eagle Airport: shared shuttles, private car service, limousine, and Uber. These services allow travelers to transfer from the airport to their Rocky Mountain resort destinations. Shared shuttles are the most cost-effective option, and they can be found in the arrivals area. Private car service and limousines are more expensive but offer greater flexibility and privacy. Uber is a ride-sharing app that is available throughout the Vail Valley, however since there are no guarantees that drivers will be available for pick up when you land, it’s recommended to make your ground transportation arrangements ahead of time.

Going From Your Hotel back to Vail Airport

To get to Eagle Vail airport for the return flight home, the quickest option is to take a taxi or private car service to the airport though there may be weather delays which could impact travel time. Another option is to take the bus, which has several stops in the area and runs regularly. The bus might be the cheapest option, but it takes the longest time, and might be inconvenient for those traveling with small children or lots of luggage. In order to ensure making your return flight home, it is highly advisable to book your Vail Airport Car service well in advance.

Proximity to Rocky Mountain Ski Resorts

Vail Regional Airport is located just minutes from four world-class ski resorts – Vail, Aspen, Beaver Creek, and Breckenridge. Flying directly into Eagle County offers visitors quick and easy access to some of the best skiing in North America. The airport is also within close driving distance of other popular Colorado ski resorts, including Steamboat Springs, Winter Park, Copper Mountain and Keystone.

FAA Information and Stats for Eagle County Vail Regional Airport (EGE)